2010年12月31日 星期五

Of Green & Grey Eye Makeup and False Lashes To Match By PnB

Of Green & Grey Eye Makeup and False Lashes To Match

No, i did not kill a peacock. Those are false feather lashes I am trying on.. I wouldn't wear these out in  public, but aren't these so cool for  halloween or costume party? I thought they were so interesting. 

I love how grey and green combine together to give a rather mysterious look. Green also makes brown eyes pop and its one of my favourite colours to wear. 

The lashes I am wearing in the first two pictures, as well as the ones i am wearing in the bottom 3 pictures are both false ones. These are available online at  www.kkcenterhk.com . The range of  eyelashes they have is amazzzing ! The glue that i got  came in a cute pink and black bottle and  i liked that  the glue itself was  black. Very good for beginners like me who mess up.
Used in pictures 1 and 2

Used in the last 3 pictures

You can purchase the feather lashes  , as well as the regular lashes online from www.kkcenterhk.com

FTC: These products were sent by the company for consideration. Obviously, that did not influence my opinion.

 Thank you and enjoy kkcenterhk's stuffs.

Fresh lash! By Anna

Fresh lash!

A few weeks ago KK Center HK contacted me, asking if I'd like to review their eye lashes. They offer quite a broad range of different styles and manufacturers and the prices are absolutely fair, I didn't check out the shipping costs, though. Anyways, they sent me some lashes for free and I was quite pleased when they finally arrived yesterday. They sent me four different styles of lashes. Mai got asked as well and additionally received some bottom lashes, she - at all - received different styles, therefore you can check out her review as well because I'm pretty sure I can highly recommend this seller. I was sent the following types: LLS Brand A7, Ballerina Brand CM403, ES Brand A24, ES Brand A 22 (you can find them via quick search). I just saw they changed their interface from navy to neon pink, Anna approves.

My natural lashes are pretty okay, but I prefer wearing fake lashes, though. It takes me two minutes to apply lashes, why should I take a pass on them then?

I totally freaked out when I spotted the A22 because that's my favourite lash style ever. One can easily transform into a doll when applying those and y'know I love looking like plastic, LOL.

Bold lashes

Criss-cross lashes

Natural lashes

Natural criss-cross lashes

So far my favourite are the A22 and A24 lashes, the CM403 Ballerina lashes are so-so, so is the A7 type, but that's because both of them are very soft and a little difficult to apply whereas the thick A22 type was much harder. I'm normally more into dramatic lashes, but I told them to select some lashes for me as I was overwhelmed by the range of lashes.

On another note I'd love to try out more lashes because their variety caught my attention to the fullest. And tbh I even think about ordering some extensions because they're really affordable (I normally pay 80$ for some clip-ins here in Berlin, which is.. pricey). So make sure to check out KK Center HK!

And a little FOTD (w/o upper lashes, bottom lashes only):

I'm still madly in love with M.A.C's 'Pure Show' liner. It's said to be a permanent item, but I can't find it anywhere any longer!? The blue's taken from my 120 colours palette ♥

                                  Thank you and hope you enjoy KKcenterhk's stuffs.
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2010年12月29日 星期三

Natural Everyday Lashes By Lane

Natural Everyday Lashes

I received these lashes from kkcenterhk within 2 weeks and was really excited to try them. These lashes are made in Korea so I knew they had to be pretty good. I chose 2 ES lashes and 1 Ballerina lashes and I have a hot favorite amongst them!

1) ES A715
These lashes are easy to apply and give very nice emphasis to the eyes. The lash band is perfect – not too thin or thick and it isn’t too hard or soft. Application is the easiest of all three lashes I am reviewing today and I find these lashes great for that fun flirty look as it has a very pretty curl. My hubby liked these lashes on me a lot – so if you are going on a hot date, these lashes would look so good with some sparkly white eye shadow and eyeliner. Second favorite of the 3 I am reviewing today!!
2) ES A747
These were my least favorite lashes. Lash band was ok but the lashes look fake and artificial. They looked like I took a pair of scissors and cut them !!  Also the color of the lash band was almost invisible which isn’t to my liking for upper lashes. They always get longer towards the corners but I found that it looks very unnatural.
3) Ballerina eyelash CM 409
My personal favorite & highly recommended. Packaging is prettier than ES box. Plus these lashes lean towards the dramatic natural look & add enough oomph to the eyes at the same time. The band is very thin and black which I like for upper lashes as it blends in nicely with the lashes. Overall, application isn’t as easy as the other ES models above but with frequent practice, it can get easier! I used dollywink lash glue which helps a lot because it dispenses a very fine amount of glue which is perfect for the very fine lash band.
Overall, I recommend the ballerina range of lashes and I would reorder CM 409 too!!
This year is coming to an end! New Year is coming soon~~ Take care everyone!!
Untitled-1 copy
** This was a sponsored review. Items provided by kkcenterhk.com

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2010年12月28日 星期二

Wigs And False Eyelashes By Chaiyaru


Wow. Its Boxing Day already.. time really flies when you’re on holidays… doesn’t it?

I can’t believe Christmas is already over and we’re approaching the new year. I feel like this year has passed by way too fast!! Santa baby, I want my time back.

Every time it comes to a new year, I always feel like I need a change. I don’t like to remain the same all the time because I like to give myself a fresh and different look every year. If you follow my blog, you will see my hair change drastically over the years.
However, this year, I’ve decided not to waste time & money on hair extensions (mainly because I already have them in. haha), hair dye and hair cuts, I’ve gone for fastest, easiest and most affordable option – wigs.

To be honest, when I think of wigs, I usually think of old men and women who are having hair issues. I think of bald men getting their wigs pulled off.. and all those other cartoon scenes. But KKcenterHK has introduced me to wigs that can be worn to party.
This upcoming year, my goal will be to grow out my natural rapunzel and to stop killing it like I used to.. in 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009. I will not cut my natural hair anymore.

Gills wigs are the best because they fit nicely on your head and you can easily comb it to position and style it correctly. You can also use a low heat styling tool to it.. such as a hair drier to keep it from deforming. Most importantly, it’s affordable!

The first wig I’m wearing is a cute A-line bob.
I chose the colour “2T33″ – which is a dark brown, because I didn’t want the wig to look too shiny and fake. I love the colour in real life!!! It’s definitely a colour I’ve been trying to get my hair colour to be. A tinge of brown/red, but mainly black indoors.

The second wig I’m wearing is a messier short black wig. I chose the shade black in this wig because I wanted to see the difference between the dark brown and the black, and to see if it would look really dolly and fake.
It didn’t fail to disappoint, but this wig seemed to be alot harder to style than I had imagined. I had to comb the fringe left & right, front and back to get it right. Still doesn’t look exactly like the model though..

Sorrrrry if the two pictures look very similar. I wasn’t happy with any of the other pictures taken. LOL.

See me with first wig on live on my youtube.

Apart from wigs, KKcenterHK also sent me some false eyelashes that I’m lovin’. These really remind me of some korean eyelashes, but are much more easily accessible for me now.. since they are sold on this website which ships worldwide. I haven’t worn these eyelashes on yet, so I will not comment on their comfort level, but they are very nicely designed.
All of these designs are plastic, so are very dramatic really make your eyes stand out.

In no particular order, these are the eyelashes I was sent.

My favourite, though, being the first one which really reminds me of Jewerich eyelashes which really create the amazing gyaru large round eyes.

The reason why I love false eyelashes so much is because they can create a look you’ll never be able to create with your natural eyelashes no matter how long your natural lashes are.
This is because, false eyelashes are designed by using different lengths and designs to create the most desired eye shape!! False eyelashes can really change your eye shape!!

For example, the second pair can create an instant cat eye, whilst the first second can create a round large open eye shape.

If you understand false eyelashes enough, you will too realise that the theory behind it is not as simple as choosing the cheapest pair! (^__^)”

For more choices of false eyelashes and wigs, visit KKCENTERHK.

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KKCenterHK Eyelashes Review By Kayotic

KKCenterHK Eyelashes Review

Maggie over at KKCenterHK sent me these lashes for review. I am not paid for this, my honest opinion will be told.

Criss-Cross Lashes- ES A077

ES Brand A101

DJ Brand HandMade Lashes- DJ-07

ES Brand A134

ES Brand A254

You can check out these lashes here KKCenterHK

Honestly I wouldn't wear these lashes outside of my house. They are not human hair lashes, even though you can order the human hair lashes. They didn't apply well with my lash glue. I would use them for different makeup looks that I do at home that's about it. 

Here's a look I did with a pair of the lashes
 Thank you for  Kayotic and enjoy our stuffs.

False Lashes from KKCenterHK Review By Mimi

False Lashes from KKCenterHK Review

Please note that the pairs I received were in sample packaging!
I was recently given the opportunity to try out lashes from KKCenterHK. Up until I had been contacted by them, I had never heard of this Hong Kong based company, but when I browsed their site I was astounded by the huge array of lashes they have. They literally have hundreds of styles! For any lash obsessed gal like me, it is absolute heaven.
They have everything from soft, natural lashes to beautiful, peacock feather lashes. It took great self control to stop myself from ordering bright pink feathered lashes right then and there. Anyways, I tried a few of their more natural lashes.
I picked three styles- one clear banded (ES A52), one black banded (ES A134) and one style of lower lashes (ES A021).

All the lashes were really nice and wore really well. The bands on the ES A134 and A021 were a little stiff, but the prices are so amazing, I really can't complain. I mean- a box of 10 PAIRS (yes, that's right! 10 freaking pairs!) of the ES A134 are $4.98. That's less than 50¢ per pair of lashes. Where in the United States can you get lashes that for that cheap? No where! That's such a great value, especially if you wear falsies a lot or are a professional MA and use them a lot.
Here's some pictures of me wearing the ES A52 and ES A021 (lower lashes).

I'll definitely be ordering lashes from them in the future. The English on the site is a bit wonky, but I'm able to get the gist of it. One thing I noticed though was that shipping (Hong Kong Post, with a tracking number!) scaled with the number of items per purchase, so take that into consideration.

                        Thank you for Mimi and enjoy our stuffs.
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