2013年1月29日 星期二

Manicura - KKCenterHK - Manicure by lamodaylabelleza

Manicura - KKCenterHK - Manicure

Espero que os guste esta nueva manicura, la he realizado con estos brillantes de la página KKCenterHK.
I hope you like this new manicure, I've made it with studs from KKCenterHK store,
La referencias de los brillantes es NNAIL-DRN676: N.NAIL Studs Circular Flat Laser 6mm Nail Art Decorations. Vienen 50 unidades y su precio es de 5,28$ (al cambio unos 4€).
The item number from the studs is NNAIL-DRN676: N.NAIL Studs Circular Flat Laser 6mm Nail Art Decorations. They costs 5,28$ (4€) for 50 units.
Para fijar los brillantes solo he usado esmalte transparente, nada más aplicar la capa de top coat, ponemos los esmaltes y presionamos. Para fijarlos, volvemos a aplicar otra capa de top coat sobre ellos. El resultado, una manicura sencilla pero muy vistosa. Me han ofrecido un descuento de un 10% de descuento por si queréis hacer un pedido, el código para beneficiaros del descuento es: lamodaylabelleza
To fix the studs I've use a transparent top coat. One before put it, and again over the studs. The result, a very easy and beauty manicure. If you want a 10% off in your order, use the coupon code lamodaylabelleza

Thank you, lamodaylabelleza
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2013年1月28日 星期一

happynailsbymada by happynailsbymada

Nail Art, Metal Studs

Ostatnio ćwieki są modne, więc postanowiłam zrobić coś podobnego na paznokciu. I efekt jest bardzo fajny. Dostałam do testów małe (2mm), metalowe kółeczka. Są one odrobinę wypukłe, przez co lepiej przylegają do paznokcia. W opakowaniu jest ok 50 szt. Jeszcze nie wiem czy da się je odzyskać, czy to jednorazowa sprawa, ale stawiam na to pierwsze :) Efekt jest bardzo fajny, kółeczka mają srebrny kolor i ładnie się błyszczą. Spokojnie można pokryć je topem. Jak Wam sie coś takiego podoba?

Źródło: http://www.kkcenterhk.com

 base color - Essie, No More Film | kolor bazowy Essie, No More Film
Accessibility | Dostępność: HERE

This product was made ​​available to me for review by the KKcenterHK company.
Ten produkt został mi udostępniony do recenzji przez firmę KKcenterHK.

Thank you, happynailsbymada
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Francesinha de Leopardo by estilopropriobysir

Francesinha de Leopardo

Para unhas da semana trago os adesivos de francesinhas com estampa de Leopardo, na lojakkcenterhk você encontrará adesivos de várias cores seguindo esse mesmo estilo.
Foi super fácil de colocar nas unhas, pintei como de costume e apliquei os adesivos pressionando e não passei esmalte finalizador para não perde o ar da graça, como ele é aveludado imagina como ficaria.
A cartela vem com 20 adesivos, sendo 10 para unhas quadradas e 10 para unhas redondas, para quem quiser saber mais clique aqui.

Thank you, estilopropriobysir
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Kkcenterhk Square Purple Laser Studs Review and Nail Design by beautyshades

Kkcenterhk Square Purple Laser Studs Review and Nail Design

I saw quite a few nail designs using studs but I never did one myself.  I had the chance to try another product from the  kkcenterhk.  so I  decided it was time to try some 3mm  square purple  laser   nail studs.
 The studs are very easy to apply on the nails. I just used clear top coat and them placed the stud on the nail. Has a background color I choose Essie No Place Like Chrome. I think the studs look quite elegant on the nails. What do you think?

 Don't forget the KKCenterHK 10%  Discount Code: beautyshades (for my readers valid until  31st,Jan.,2013).       

Thank you, beautyshades
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KKCenterHK Review - X&D Full Nail Art Water Decals XD-75 by raggio-di-luna-nails

KKCenterHK Review - X&D Full Nail Art Water Decals XD-75

At the end of last year I received a very kind offer from KKCenterHK to review one of their products. They really have so many interesting products, you can spend hours on their web site... :-) 

Of course, the most interesting things for me were nail products :-) and the products that captured my attention were full nail art water decals...  :-) 

I chose X&D Full Nail Art Water Decals XD-75 with a beautiful blue swirl design! :-)

X&D Full Nail Art Water Decals XD-75

X&D Full Nail Art Water Decals XD-75

The packaging contains 10 water decal images in different sizes.
On the back of the packaging there are the instructions.

The procedure is:
1. cleaning the nail surface
2. cutting the image with scissors
3. placing the decal images on the water for 10 seconds
4. taking out the decal image, removing the paper backing
5. placing the decal image on the nail
6. drying with a make up cotton pad and holding water decal image on the nail until it totally dries
7. clipping down to size
8. protecting the decal with top coat

For me it wasn’t so easy like it seems and like I imagined. I had some problems with placing the decal images on my nails, because they had a tendency to slide around.
Also, after adding the topcoat my decal images wrinkled up a little bit.
So after the first nail done I almost wanted to give up trying, I had the impression that I was doing something wrong.. But it happened with the decals on all the other nails, so I think that this is just the way they “work”…
Of course, after 2-3 nails done the result was a little bit better and I became faster, so I guess that “practice makes perfect” :-)

After two layers of top coat I was satisfied with the final result! I think that the result is definitely worth all the patience! Do you agree?

Have you ever tried full water decals? What was your experience in using them?

If you like them but you haven’t tried them yet, you can find these blue swirl decals and many more beautiful full nail art water decals at KKCenterHK.

And, finally, my full nail art water decals manicure... :-)

Thank you, raggio-di-luna-nails
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[Sponsored Review] Solone Magic Waterproof eyeliner & ES10 Pair bottom lashes by mikichigo

[Sponsored Review] Solone Magic Waterproof eyeliner & ES 10 Pair bottom lashes

Hello puddin puffs!


The products being reviewed were graciously sponsored byKKCENTERHK ,but, as always, all of the following is 100% my own opinion-o. 

(I'll also be posting some behind the scenes stuff for some photoshoots later this week! ;D)

Click "READ MORE" for the post!

First product up for review is~

The packaging. 
The packing of this really makes my super girly side tingle. It's sparkly and pink!
Plus it's super easy to open. The back side of it, which is cardboard type paper, has a small slit in the side that, when folded slightly, opens up and you can easily separate the back from the front plastic. It comes off in one sweep!

The pencil itself is the plastic kind...similar to a nyx jumbo pencil where the main part of it is plastic.

The very first picture above is a swatch of the product by itself. Super creamy and soft so that it doesn't pull on the eyelids. It's a decently dark black that actually compares to a cream eyeliner.

The second snap shot is a comparison swatch picture of 3 other eyeliners. 1 gel liner, 1 liquid and another pencil. 1 of them claims to be waterproof and it actually is...when it's not doused and rubbed furiously.

First, I smudged them dry and the 3rd picture is the results. The 4th and 5th pictures are the eyeliners being water tested! Water dropped on and rubbed in. As you can see! All of the eyeliners had some wear and tear to them. One is completely gone in fact! The only one that remains strong is the solone eyeliner! It's kept most of the line in tact with just slight feathering on the ends and a bit of the color is gone. But for the most part, it's definitely there.

This product runs for $10.05 on the site and I think that's a pretty decent price. I know there's great eyeliners out there for cheaper but if you compare it to "waterproof" eyeliners from (The American Market) Revlon, Maybelline, etc, etc, I think this one blows them out of the water. 

The Good:
SUPER Waterproof. Pretty sure this will last if you go swimming.
Soft and Creamy
Great Pigmentation 
Perfect black pencil eyeliner

The Bad:
Only available through the site
You have to pay shipping
You have to sharpen the plastic pencil

LOVE IT! Super waterproof AND smudge proof! The pencil itself is creamy and soft and doesn't pull on the eyelids. This is basically the perfect black eyeliner from what I can tell.


Second item isss~

These lashes come packaged in a plain glossy black box. Very sleek and simple.

The lashes are attached to the back by the little gold stickers and the lashes themselves actually have extra length for clear liner so that it's attached to so that it's easy to slip out since the stickers aren't on any of the actual lashes.

The lashes are very flexible and light which is actually surprising since a lot of 10 pack lashes have a thick band. BUT! The kind that are the easiest to fit to your eye shape are the flexible ones.

The best way to go about applying bottom lashes is using CLEAR glue and trimming the lashes to about 3/4s of the length.

I cut the bottom lashes to about 3/4s of the length so that I could blend the lashes into the inner corner ones. The best thing about clear bands is that they become virtually invisible when applied correctly.

The whole box of lashes cost $10.65.
THAT'S BASICALLY $1 PER PAIR. Well... 1.06. That's still a darn good price compared to certain brands that cost $17+ for 2 pairs.

The Good:
Great quantity and quality for the price
Flexible band
Clear band for easy blending.
Criss cross pattern makes them look like natural lashes

The Bad: 
Available only on KKcenterHK
You have the pay shipping
Bottom lashes are somewhat difficult to get the hang of

Great lashes for normal wear and even learning how to use them since you have so many and clear bands are more forgiving then black ones.

In case you feel the urge to make some purchases~
You can use the code : Mikichi
for 10% off of your total!

Thank you, mikichigo
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Landbis Big Eye Dual-use Eyeliner by mybeautypinastika

Landbis Big Eye Dual-use Eyeliner

Today I will be reviewing a eyeliner from KKCenterHK, Landbis Big Eye Dual-use Eyeliner. This eyeliner is very efficient because it has a dual function, there are two forms in one pen eyeliner. You can choose either liquid form or pen form, very convenient, do not need to buy two pens :)
When I put on in the morning, the evening after I clear the remains are still visible, until the next morning I didn't have to use eyeliner..haha

Color: Black
Capacity: 3g
Size: 8mm x 8mm x 156mm

Tekstur :
1. Cream Eyeliner Stick.
This creamy textured stick eyeliner, it is very easy to apply, and smudgeproof. Doesn't need to be sharpened, because of its shape can be rotated like a lipstick. But, the color less pigmented, and easy to remove them. I don't recommend to use it at the waterline.

2. Liquid Pen
The tip of the needle like a ballpoint pen, I think it is extremely waterproof and suitable for application on the waterline. I wear when crying, pen eyeliner is not washed out.. Lovee it <3

sorry, I'm still learning to use eyeliner>, <

Overall :

I love this eyeliner because it's very practical, it consists 2 kinds of eyeliner, cream and liquid. The cream one also can be used as an eyeshadow ..
This eyeliner is very waterproof, it's very hard to remove..
I love the liquid pen, because it's very easy to apply. I've never tried liquid pen before..

The price is 14.76, i get mine from kkcenterhk. Do you want to get it? Click HERE
Thanks for KKCenterHK sent me this eyeliner for reviewing :)


Thank you, mybeautypinastika
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About some months ago, you’ve read this post. I was not able to review it due to my busy days and I was planning to use the nail set for some event. So one day, I just gave up on the idea of having it paired with my outfit and tried it anyways. First, I would like to apologize to KKCenterHK for this delayed review, for another, thank them again for giving me a pretty nail set!
For those who don’t know, KKCenterHK sells many items – nail decorations, make-ups and many more. They’re like, a girl’s best friend! The best part is that they sell these goodies for an affordable price.
I love my KKCenterHK decorated/designed nails!

It took a month after our emails (person coordinating with bloggers). It was pretty cool to me since this was the usual length of time whenever I order something from other countries. It was sent to our post office so I had to pay the usual 40 PHP. No problem on that. 5 stars!
Packaging is your usual way with nail sets. But a blog reader actually even emailed me because they were curious on where to buy such type of packaging. I guess its because the packaging is really fancy. 5 stars!
The contents of my package are the pretty decorated nails as shown above (enough for left and right hands) then along was the glue stick used to stick them on your nails.
I was quite confused on how to use the glue stick unlike with my first nail set. I guess its because they were very different. But I succeeded in applying it! Hooray!
My Pretty Nails!
I find this set of decorated nails really unique and pretty. Many of my facebook and instagram friends even liked it and said it was really “girly” on me – knowing I wasn’t into these kind of fancy stuff I must say KKCenterHKprovides pretty accessories. However, I had slight problems putting it on for the glue stick – guess I’m still a newbie on that. But overall, I give it - 4 stars!
Thank you KKCenterHK, til next time!

Thank you, skittleskies
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KKCenterHK Lashes by asnfashion

 gals, here is my lash review! The black box is Sponsored to me by KKCenterHK! ( Thank you so much^___^ ) I chose the bottom lashes! Cause in the Gyaru make up life you need that too duh. The other lashes are from Ebay & i'm so happy with all the lashes i've got now haha whoehoep + How cute is my lashbox? CUTE HÁ?! Also from Ebayyy :].  Okay first of all i need to say that i'm still not a pro in the Gyaru make up & i needed to trim my eyebrows too so you will see some hairs hahahahah omg. Well enjoy my review and tell me what you think about them * if they look good on me lol Ps: I made pictures in a smokey eye & one with many make up on so you can see how it looks with less and many make up on!

 You can see my own lashes but thats okay. - With flash -
And down below - Without flash - 

Design: At first i was like Hmm, i dont know? This design is almost like how my own lashes are but than more bigger so it's kinda weird looking and they are very full if you know what i mean, i cant explain it but you can see the differences at the first picture with the other lower lashes that i've bought, i am used to those * non natural looking ones.* But if you are looking for more natural lower lashes than i would take these ones because this design is way more natural than other i've seen but they're somehow bigger haha! 

Appearance: They dont look fake at all! Not like a cheap design and if you make pictures with the flashing light on it still doesnt look fake like plastic lashes. So i'm very pleased with the results of them!
And the best thing is that these lashes come in a box with 10 pieces x 2 so you have 20 lashes lol. And it's not hard to put them on but i always struggle with the ends of lashes cause the ends dont stick on my eyelids specially on the inner corners from the eyes pfh, does anyone else has this problem?

10% OFF! 

* Dolly Wink Eyebrow Mascara Review

Hope you liked it! XO 

Thank you, asnfashion
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