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KK Center HK False Eyelashes By Confessions of a Beautyholic

I received some new goodies from KK Center HK and I am super excited! If you don't know KK Center HK yet, I'd suggest to have a look at their website. KK Center HK sells a variety of false eyelashes, wigs, make up and other beauty supplies for affordable prices. They ship internationally and packages arrive quite fast (in average 2 weeks) when you think they actually come from Hong Kong. They also provide a tracking number, so you can check where your goods are in case there's any delay.

I have ordered an eyelash tool from Born Pretty Store to help me apply false eyelashes, so I can wear them more often. I know practice makes it perfect, but currently it takes me 15-20 min each time. I believe an eyelash applicator will cut this time dramatically and will make everything much easier! I can't wait to get my new gadget, so I can start wearing false lashes more often. False lashes do make a real difference to any make up look.

I made a link on each title, so if you decide to check them out, you will be direct to the page where you can read further about the product. 

(Note: I am not affiliated in any way to KK Center HK, so I am not being paid commission in case you decide to purchase any item)

These are perfect for a party look! 

They cost only $0.90 each pair, they are re-usable and made of synthetic material. 

Cosmos Pre Glued Eyelashes

This pair is one of my favourites. They are made of real human hair. They are pre glued, so there's no need for eyelash glue. You simply warm up the lashes for a few seconds with a hair drier prior to applying them, so they stick better. I'm kinda of saving these for a special night, 'cause they are so beautiful!

They retail for $6.20

Thermidor Silver Lashes

I had my eyes on this pair for ages.... you can not go wrong with such a gorgeous pair. They have a little bit of silver glitter on top that will be noticeable when you close your eyes. The best thing about this lashes: they cost only $1.80!!

Slant Purple and Brown Lashes

These will look gorgeous with either a neutral brown look or a purple look. They are very fashionable and will be great fun to use! They cost $2.50 for the box with 5 pairs, that's $0.50 per pair... a bargain!

AK False Eyelashes

Ak False eyelashes come in a box with 5 pairs. They are handmade and also synthetic. They look absolutely gorgeous on! I have some pictures below wearing these. I wore them for 18 hours and they were still in place at the end of the day. I used Duo Lash Adhesive.

They retail for $12.50

VM 19 Ballerina Brand Eyelashes

These lashes look super natural. They are made of synthetic fibre and come in a pack of ten pairs. They retail for $13.20

I won't repeat myself saying how much I loved these lashes and how great they are in quality. I do think they are a real bargain.

I am wearing AK False Eyelashes on the picture below. I made a look with Urban Decay book of shadows II and this pair of lashes were just the final touch needed. I took these pictures after a few hours wearing them.

By the way, I noticed that KK Center HK also sells Manly 120 palette for only $12.30! I'm not sure about shipping costs, but it is worth to check it out if you don't own one yet.

Source: KK Center HK
Just out of interest: How often do you wear false lashes?

Thank you, Confessions of a Beautyholic
Confessions of a Beautyholic Blog


Review: Kkcenterhk.com Fake Eyelashes + Giveaway By Bitten Before

Recently i was sent some fake eyelashes from Kkcenterhk.com to review and after wearing them for about a week , here are my thoughts!
Kkcenterhk.com is a company based in Hong Kong and they sell many styles of eyelashes as well as wigs!

The shipping was extremely quick [from Hong Kong to me in Tokyo]
The lashes i recieved were
How they look like
-The lashes are EXCELLENT quality, soft spine, very wearable styles
-Great price for each box [a set of 10 pairs!!]
-Doesnt come with glue, which works SO well for me cos i have my own HG eyelash glue and usually throw out the tube of glue anyway
-Fast and quick shipping
- none really…uh i cant decide what i want cos they have so many styles ? XD
If you are looking for a day to day pair of lashes, you cant go wrong with these. They look very natural on and are extremely comfortable. They dont feel heavy at all and i have reworn my pair 4 times and no damage to them. So you know they are good quality. I highly reccomend these for those just starting out with fake lashes.
A hidden gem! Cant believe no one has mentioned these yet!! When i first looked at them on the website, i thought, ok i’ll try these cos its something fun and different. But they are just fantastic! I dye my hair and the brown in it works so well for me [sorta matches my light brows etc] You might think they look a little OTT but they dont [see my EOTD below] I definetely reccomend these if you want to try something different yet ok for day to day wear.
I loooove wearing lower lashes. And these are FANTASTIC! i usually pay around 500yen [USD$6] for a pair of them and a box of these have TEN pairs! The band is clear so they are easy to wear! I know many ppl say they are afraid to wear lower lashes cos it might seem too obvious etc but try these! With a clear band, they look very natural i think!
Visit their website to see tons of other styles!
And of course..we have a EOTD from me!
I am wearing A012 brown/black lashes and the A020 lower lashes in this picture
Before anyone says anything, i know my lower lash seems to be stuck a lot lower than my actual lower lashline but thats how i [and many many other gyarus in Japan] wear it. ^^; Ie its intentional not a mistake by me.
Update: cos i know you guys will ask, the circle lenses are from HiSense [See my FAQ for a pic of the bottle]
Disclaimer: The lashes were sent to me for my consideration and review. I was not paid for the review and these are 100% my thoughts.
Giveaway time!!
I thought since i was so lucky to be sent so many pairs of gorgeous lashes, i had to share the wealth with my lovely readers.
I’m giving away 1 pair of eyelashes from each style i got! That’s 3 pairs of eyelashes you can try for yourself!
Once you try them, you would definetely want to purchase more from the store!!!
To win them
1. be a PUBLIC follower of my blog [i will check!]
2. leave a comment! tell me something about this post or which lashes u like the most..anything really
Winner will be picked on the content of the comment!
Contest open internationally and ends Monday Midnight Tokyo time.
In other news,Its FRIDAY!! [where i am anyway]
Hope you guys have an awesome and wonderful weekend!
XOXO Yumeko
p.s and in case u wonder….why did Yumeko post a new blog entry at 2.40am..well tats because this week is crazy busy and kicking my behind. But i got it done XD!!!

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Review: 88 Color Earth Tone EyeShadow Professional Palette from KKCenterHK By Gaby's Beauty Blog

 About KKCenterHK:
Professional false eyelashe and wigs supplier at wholesales price direct online. Our prices are lower than all online store that you could find.
Price: $12.60 at KKCenterHK

The claims:
  • Make Up Set Extremely Portable.
  • 100% New, Never Been Used
  • Case Is Black
  • Size : 167mm X 232mm X 13mm
  • Suitable For All Day & Night Make Up
  • Can Be Used Party Or Professional Make Up


The palette came to my door nicely wrapped:

Look at all that bubble wrap!

 Finally, the palette itself!

 At the thought of 88 eyeshadows, I thought the palette would be huge, but it's actually very sleek and slim.

with flash

without flash

Swatches, from the first row to the last one (with flash):

First row

Second row

Third row

Fourth row

Fifth row

Sixth row

Seventh row

Last row

  • sleek case
  • inexpensive
  • huge selection of colors
  • very wearable neutral shades
  • some are heavily pigmented

  • too many white eyeshadows 
  • the matte shades tend to be quite chalky 
  • most of the eyeshadows are not enough pigmented

What I think:

At first, I wasn't sure what to expect from a 88 eyeshadow palette. I thought it would be cheap, and that the eyeshadows would be chalky, but I must say I'm quite surprised. Sure, this palette is not the top quality, but I've discovered some nice shades that I definitely can see myself using over and over again. Just look at the last row.

The case is nice, too, with its big mirror and its two sponge applicator (hey, I do like sponge applicators, OK?). It doesn't feel too cheap, expect that it's full of finger prints after you touch it.

The main problem I have with this palette (and with many palettes) is the amount of highlight shades. Come one, do I really need that much in a palette? Half of the palette is occupied by a variation of totally useless and chalky white shades: light grey, beige, blue-white, light blue, light green, etc. If I wanted that much highlight colors, I would have ordered an highlight palette!

Overall, this is a great palette for the price if you are a neutral shades lover like me, and if you don't mind the ridiculous amount of highlight colors, of course.

Recommend? yes

I would definitely recommend checking out the wide variety of products on KKCenterHK, and if you are interested, they also carry false lashes (see my review on some here), wigs, hair extensions and even well-known brands such as Essie and OPI at such cheap prices!

KKcenterhk 478x123gif banner

Disclaimer: This product was sent to me for consideration to review. I was not paid for this review,  I am not affiliated with this company and the fact that the product was free absolutely does not influence my opinion.

Falsies From Asia: Princess Lee and ES Lashes from KKcenterHK By Make Me Blushhh

Falsies From Asia: Princess Lee and ES Lashes from KKcenterHK

Check out Make Me Blushhh's youtube

Princess Lee and ES Lashes Review By Make Me Blushhh

Princess Lee and ES Lashes Review

Princess Lee lashes were an urban myth to me. It's mentioned in asian magazine and talk shows but I didn't see them at all when I was in asia. I tried looking for a supplier online and didn't come across any. So when KKCenterHK.com reached out to me to try some products from their online shop I went directly for the Princess Lee Lashes.

KKCenterHK.com is based in Hong Kong. They have a huge selection of lashes, wigs, and other beauty supplies. They do ship internationally but the shipping can take some time. It took about 2-3 weeks to get to New York from HK which isn't horrible considering the snow storms we've had the past two months.

I requested for the Princess Lee #6 and #8 lashes. I wasn't sure what to make of the Princess Lee lashes at first. They didn't look so special in the box, #6 and #8 are very similar with #8 being slightly bigger. It took me a few tries to really appreciate the lashes. The band is thin, comfortable, and durable. You can reuse them several times. The band also holds a curve very well and can be shaped. The lashes are dense and noticeable but not unnatural. I'm really amazed by the quality. They're listed for about $18 for 10 pairs on the website. Well worth it in my opinion.

All in all, I'm smitten. Princess Lee lives up to the hype.

They recommended that I give the ES lash series a try. The one I got is labeled A222. These lashes also very comfortable and easy to use. The lashes are dense, especially by the base. They're very durable and can be worn a few times too. I wish they were a little longer but that's not a flaw, the style I got wasn't my personal preference. I would highly recommend A222 to those that want something natural with added volume. These lashes are more affordable at around $12 for 10 pairs per box. I plan on going back to try longer ones from this series.

Have you tried any Princess Lee or ES lashes that you love? Recommend me one or several!


Beauty Review: Fake Lashes from kkcenterhk By As Pink As My Juicy

Hope everyone's having a happy week. I feel like I'm always at work and when its my days off, I just want to curl in bed and sleep. =_= I know, I should go out and enjoy my days off as much as I can. 

Anyway, do some of you wear fake lashes to work? I always wake up late so I don't really have time to wear fake lashes so I only wear them on special occasion or when the husband is taking me out. It feels forever putting on the lashes.

I received 2 boxes of lashes from kkcenterhk. As you all know, I already reviewed lower lashes from the before. You can read it here: http://withadriyah.blogspot.com/2011/01/beauty-review-lower-eye-lashes-from.html

They sent me upper and lower lashes to try.

ES 10 pairs soft heavy dark black Eyelashes

ES Brand 10 pairs Clear liner short under lower lashes

Here is the A218 (upper lashes) It's so pretty! It's my favorite among the fake lashes I have tried!

My rating: 

Yes I gave it 5 stars because of how nice they feel. They actually feel natural to me because it doesn't poke my eyes. I love how they look as well. Just the right length and thickness! The price aren't too bad either considering it's 10 pairs for $10.94. 

Here's another photo of me without the lower lashes, as you can see, it's more natural when its worn alone. Yes, I'm in love with these lashes! Been using them since I got them! I definitely recommend this lashes ♥ I will definitely but these lashes again!

Here is the A020 (lower lashes). It's not my favorite. I like the A201 lower lashes better (the criss cross one that I reviewed in the past) For one thing, it's too long for my lower lashes so I had to cut it, and it kind of pokes my eyes. Maybe I'm just not used to lower lashes still. I do give this 3.5 stars because it still looks nice! Though seems like the price went up? In my last review, the lower lashes were $3.50. I guess they were on sale before.

My rating:

I like the online store kkcenterhk.com/ because they have so many selections of fake lashes. They also sell wigs and make up. It does take a little bit long before the products arrive but for me its so worth it :) I love fake lashes (the upper lashes) because in my opinion, it completes a look :)

Here's me wearing both lashes (A218 and A020).

Here's me and the husband ♥

Do you like wearing fake lashes?

FTC: I did not get paid to do this post. I am not affiliated with KKCenterhk. The lashes were sent to me for review purposes only and these are my honest opinions based on my personal experience.