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KKCenterHK Lashes ES A829 - Review & Pictures by beautymakeupaddict

Price: 10 Pairs for $14.90
Website: KKCenterhk

Product Description 
"Make your eyes look bigger and attractive.Can be re-use if you take them off carefully. False Eyelashes with Box Package.  Can be use for Party or professional Makeup. 10 pairs"

If I could only live with one beauty related product that would be false lashes. I love them and I wear them practically everyday. When I got a chance to review some false lashes I was skeptical at first because I usually only wear Ardell, Red Cherry and some Andrea Modlash eyelashes. I have tried many false lashes from China and they have always been synthetic and no matter what I do I can't get them to stick to my eyes and they just look so fake. As soon as I opened the box of lashes I was shocked, they really did remind me of the Ardell Invisi band lashes. 
These lashes came in a black card board box and has 10 pairs of the same lashes in the box. The actual lash band isn't the typical black band that comes with most lashes instead these lashes come with a clear band that holds the lash together. Since the band is clear it's hard to see in pictures but you do need to snip off the ends of the band because it extends further then the actual lash.
These lashes can be a little long if you have smaller eyes like I do but not to worry place the lash against your own lashes and measure how much you need to cut off. Just remember to cut off the extra lash from the outer corner of the false lash and never the beginning.
I used Mac Duo Adhesive to apply these lashes, waited a minute and used tweezers to glue them on. These lashes are definitely one of the easiest lashes to apply. It really felt like I was applying an Ardell lash I really couldn't tell the difference.
I also really like these lashes because they don't lose their shape easily and I can bend them to fit my shape.

I was very surprised how good these lashes turned out to be. These lashes would be great for beginners who want a whole box of lashes to practice with. They hold up really well and look natural in my opinion. The only downside is the shipping time but it's understandable considering it is coming from Asia.

      What I Like
  • Feels very lightweight
  • Invisible band
  • Affordable
  • Natural looking
  • Very soft
  • Handmade
         What I Don't Like
  • Took a long time to receive
     Final Verdict



This post contains product(s) sent from the company for editorial consideration. Beauty Make Up Addict does not accept any form of compensation for review, nor is a review (good or bad) guaranteed.

Thank you, beautymakeupaddict

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KKCenterHk - feather lashes review by smile-is-the-best-make-up

Hallo meine Lieben

Ich melde mich direkt mal mit einem Review zurück.
Dieses Mal möchte ich euch die Wimpern mit Federn vorstellen, die mir freundlicherwiese von KKCenterHk zur Verfügung gestellt wurden.

Um genauer zu sein..diese hier:

FE221 - pink feather
Noch eine näherer Aufnahme

☆ Preis: 4,22$ / pro Paar
☆ handgemacht - deswegen kann sich die Musterung und Größe hin und wieder leicht unterscheiden
Wie man also sehen kann, schmücken drei kleine pinke Federn den äußeren Abschnitt und innerhalb der Wimpern wurde mit Orange auch noch einmal ein farblicher Akzent gesetzt.
Wohl keine Wimpern die man tagtäglich tragen kann oder will :)
Aber für einen Hingucker bei Partys oder was auch immer für Veranstaltungen ihr so besucht, sind sie mehr als geeignet.
Im Gegensatz zu den natürlichen Wimpern die ich letztes Mal ausprobieren durfte, wirken diese natürlich schon künstlich und teils 'plastisch'. Sie sind auch nicht ganz so flexibel und naja teils 'steif', aber nichtsdestotrotz war das Anbringen einfacher als ich befürchtet hatte.
Meine Bedenken lagen darin, dass sie durch ihre leichte unflexible Art eher an den Enden abstehen würden und es ein Kampf werden würde, sie so anzubringen, dass es trotz des Aussehens, noch natürlich wirkt.
Sofern Federn am Auge natürlich wirken können ;)

Eine kleine Leimtube war auch mit dabei, aber naja..
Nachdem ich mit Müh und Not den Verschluss öffnen konnte, um die ersten Leimtropfen heraus zu quetschen, war ich schon bedient und nahm lieber den Leim, dem ich mein Vertrauen schenke. (Duo Adhesive)

Und voila, es klappte auf Anhieb und die Enden schmiegten sich brav an meinen Wimpernrand an.
Ich musste etwas mit dem Farbregler spielen, da ich die Bilder bei Nacht gemacht habe und durch das Glühbirnenlicht alles soooooooo verdammt gelbstichig war.
Zudem wirkt alles etwas 'blurry'
Tschuldigung dafür!!
Aber so ist das eben wenn man nachts gegen 2 Uhr Lust bekommt, sich endlich an diesen Wimpern zu versuchen und nicht daran denkt, dass die eigene Kamera bei Nacht nicht die besten Bilder schießt.

 Alles in Allem bin ich (trotz anfänglicher Skepsis) sehr zufrieden mit diesen Wimpern.
Den Preis von umgerechnet 3,42€ finde ich auch okay, immerhin kann man diese Wimpern (wenn man vorsichtig mit ihnen umgeht) auch öfter nutzen und da man sie ja nun nicht jeden Tag trägt, halten sie sicher ein ganzes Weilchen.

Wer jetzt auch Lust bekommen hat auf der Internetseite von KKCenterHk zu stöbern und sich vielleicht anschließend etwas zu kaufen, der kann sich mit diesem Code noch einen 10%igen Rabatt sichern!

Bis zum nächsten Mal

★゜・。。・゜★   Nine  ★゜・。。・゜★

Thank you, smile-is-the-best-make-up

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Superhero Fantasy by moonchild666

I'm back from my vacation guys!! I was really nice, but I've missed blogging. I have three "seaside manis" prepared for you guys, so no worries, I'm not procrastinating. I am however leaving for Metal Camp in less than a week so I'll be gone again, but I'll figure something out to keep this blog running ;)

The very first day when we got to our hotel at the seaside, I was still sporting my Travel mani from the summer Challenge, and since the weather was not the nicest, I had time to remove that sparky mani (it wasn't sparky at all in that weather) and create something else, using my KKCetnerHk products (all shown is this post).

I started off with two coats of Essence Grumpy, which I was itching to use ever since I got it (once again, thanks to this lovely girl for providing me two bottles of it!). This one could easily me one coater, but I used two thin layers to even out my otherwise not-so-even nail surface. It's probably a waste of words, describing this polish (the pictures tell it all), but it's basically a deep, stunning electric blue creme. Not unique in theory, but very much unique in my collection.

Here is it on it's own:

I wore Grumpy on it's own that day, but obviously I couldn't just leave it like that, so I added one coat of Max Factor Fantasy Fire. I bought this one when it was just starting to get popular, but never got the chance to wear it, until now (when it's already "forgotten"). I didn't want to waste that tiny bottle, so I only used one coat of that famous beauty.
I must say, I was not head-over-heels over this one. All the amazing reviews made me expect so much, when in reality, it's just gorgeous. In the shadow, it just made Grumpy sparklier and purplish. It's on the sun (and artificial light) when you can see all the multichrome-ness, shifting and sparkle. Yes, it is indeed stunning, but IMHO not worth the hype it's received.
So we have three coats of awesomeness already on our nails, what's next?! More awesomeness, of course! That's the part when KKCenterHk products come up. I chose "Super Man/Girl/Batman/Lightning Decals" in Metallic Silver, because what says awesome better than Superman? ;)

This was my first time ever using decals, but it's really MUCH faster and easier than I thought. This post is already freakishly long, so I won't be explaining the details, but if you want a tutotial just let me know and I'll include it in one of the next water decals reviews.

The set contains 6 different designs and I wanted to show you all of them, so for the first time on this blog - here's my right hand! ;)

These water decals are super easy to use, very deatiled, super shiny and the obvious: the design is awesome. After this experience, I realized water decal are much much better than nail stickers, since they merge with nail surface and after a TC the surface is completely smooth to the touch. And they stay put for the whole time, unlike the stickers, which lift at the edges. They really stand out when worn on your nails, and I can assure you that you will revecie quite some nerdy compliments wearing these (in a good way!). The removal is also super easy - it removes not like a sticker, but as if the design is painted on with a nail polish. I guess the nail polish remover "melts" down the decal (actually, it's written that the decals are made from actual polish). So to sum it up, for the price ($6.39 / €4.92 / Ł3.97) I absolutely recommend you get a pack! After all, you get several mancures from one pack. 
If you want to purchase these particular decal, here's the direct link. If you want to explore other designs or see what else they offer, here's the link to the homepage. And make sure to enter my coupon code at the checkout to receive 10% discount (MOONCHILD666)!
Do you own a similar elecric blue already?
Do you think there's too much awesomeness going on?
Do you have any experinces with water decals? What do you think of them?

*Water Decals in this post were sent to me for reviewing purposes. I am not being paid. My opinion is honest. Everything else in this post was bought with my own money.

Thank you, moonchild666

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♡.:*:・'Nail Update! (KKCenterhk!) ♡.:*:・'by cocothechoco

I was so lucky that KKCenterhk approached me with co-operation proposition!!
I'm doing my own nails so of course I was interested! I got to choose few products from their large collection, and with their kind help I chose Barbie-nailstickers (N.NAIL-WDHHK182), gold microbeads (N.NAIL-DRN378) and gold nail decoration tape (JR1040)!
Olin niin onnekas, että KKCenterhk lähestyi minua yhteistyöehdotuksen kanssa!!
Koska teen itse kynteni niin tottakai olin kiinnostunut! Sain valita muutaman tuotteen heidän isosta valikoimastaan, ja mukavan henkilökunnan avulla valitsin sitten Barbie-kynsitarrat (N.NAIL-WDHHK182), kultaiset mikrohelmet (N.NAIL-DRN378) ja kultaista kynsiteippiä (JR1040)!
Here are all of the products!

Barbie water decals! N.NAIL-WDHHK182

Golden decoration tape! JR1040

Golden microbeads! N.NAIL-DRN378
On this post I'm using just the Barbie water decals! They are really easy to use and really pretty!! I recommend!
Tässä postauksessa käytän vaan noita Barbie-kynsitarroja! Ne ovat tosi helppoja käyttää ja tosi nättejä!! Suosittelen!
Just cut out the sticker you want! // Leikkaa haluamasi tarra irti!
Drop the piece in water and let it soak for few minutes.
Then get the piece from the water and the picture should just slide off from the paper!
Carefully place the picture on the polished nail and press gently the excess water away.
Apply top coat and that's it!
The picture blends to the top coat and won't come off like some regular nailstickers!
Tiputa leikkaamasi palanen veteen ja anna imeytyä muutama minuutti.
Sen jälkeen ota palanen vedestä, ja kuvan pitäisi helposti liukua irti taustapaperista!
Laita kuva varovasti lakatulle kynnelle ja painele hellästi ylimääräinen vesi pois.
Lisää päällyslakka ja valmista tuli!
Kuva ikäänkuin sulaa päälyslakasta joten se ei lähde irtoamaan kuten jotkin tavalliset kynsitarrat!
I decorated a bit more ~

I have good news for you!!
With this special coupon code you can get -10% off from KKCenterhk!
Coupon code: cocothechoco
Mulla on teille hyviä uutisia!!
Tällä uniikilla kuponkikoodilla te saatte -10% alennusta KKCenterhk:lta!
Kuponkikoodi: cocothechoco

Thank you, cocothechoco

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