2011年5月31日 星期二

A023 Eyelashes from KKCenterHK By thestudentsguidetonailpolish

I recently got the opportunity to try some false eyeslashes from KKCenterHK. (Not an affliate link. There are no affliate links on my blog)

 Being somewhat of a newb to false lashes, I went with one of the more natural looking pairs. There are literally hundreds and hundreds on the website - in all different colours and styles, so there's something to suit everyone. I wanted some that I could wear to school without having the Head of Year asking me to remove my wall of lashes on the off chance that I blinked.

They're made of like a fine, plasticky material, and are very easy to put on (once you have the hang of it, that is...whole other story involving the worst eyelash glue I've ever used in my life, but that's another review) but I find the lash band can be slightly too long for my eye, so I trim them a little bit at the end depending on how close to my tear duct I've decided to place them. They're reusable, too, which is great. For the entire box (10 ~ 12 lash pairs) it's a pretty cheap price, I think around five to ten dollars? Depends which designs you choose. These were really cheap, like $5.


And some pictures of the lashes in action. Blurry, naturally. Sorry :P
The gold eyeliner is by BeautyUK (their Metallic Eye Sparks) and the black is Sleek's Ink Pot. I like the way it looks on, and it doesn't flake - but melting in the corner of my eyes is an issue...
I didn't mascara my natural eyelashes before I applied these ones, but they seemed to blend in quite nicely. To reuse them, I remove them carefully and then rub gently with some olive oil - this removes any persistant lash glue. Wipe down and replace in the container, and that way you can get quite a few uses. All in all, I think these are really good value for money.

I've recently opened up to the world of Asian webstores, and also have some stuff I purchased from a couple of others to show you at some point - BornPrettyStore, anyone? Wanted to see what all the hype was about... 

 Thank you, thestudentsguidetonailpolish
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EOTD with KKCenterhk ESG24 Palette By makeupandchitchat

Remember my KKCenterhk ESG24 palette.? I wanted to play around a bit and this is a look I came around with. I was watching Lakme wandering butterfly look with its roughly done casual style. The hair style actually makes up all for the lakme looks, never the less I tried the make up. Its a quite simple look if you can make it work. here is  what I did

First I prepped my eyes with Ideal  match Shadestick concelaer from Avon

Then I blended it well. For my upper lid, I used the completely oil free Avon Ideal Shadestick Concelaer and topped it off with a little compact ( read Maybellive UV Whitestay)

Then, I rubbed on Mayeblline Vivid and Smooth liner pencil is white on my entire lid
I ought to skip this step because this makes your shadow shimmery as the pencil is itself shimmery. Since my eye shadow is a shimmery palette, it made the shadow more shimmery. But with my luck, I couldn't lay my hands on Inglot eye base even though I went there twice, just to buy it only. But the pencil as a base would have worked best for the matte shadows. anyway.....

now, taking the lime green shade from the palette, I packed it on to the inner corner
 and on the eye balls, I out the greener one

I went a little outside me eye lid as I wanted to the look to be a bit carelessly done and not the neat one just as the one in the photo of lakme
Then I took this brown shadow and started working on the outer corner blending lighly with the crease brush from Vega professional brush ( will be reviewing it)
This is the brush head

the corners

I gently stared from the ourter corner, blending it inward. Since my nose is snubby and the eyes not very chiselled, I blended a little broen shadow over the inner corner to add some depth

With the applicator, I put some shadow on the lash line as well

I brushes on a little mascara

and suddenly had this idea of putting on the KKCenterhk Lashes ( review click here)

here I am

Here are my tools
from top
1)  Avon Personal shade matchstick concealer
2) Avon idealmatch Shadestick concealer
3) Vega crease blending brush
4) Faces shader brush
5) Rimmel Extra Super Lash Mascara ( review soon)

What do you think of this?

PS My exams are not knocking but banging on the door. So. i might not be replying to you very quickly or I might be even posting irregularly till the middle of June. I'll miss you all

Thank you, makeupandchitchat
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KKCenterhk ESG24 eyeshadow palette -Review and Swatches By makeupandchitchat

Dear friends
Last time I showed you this palette. I also expressed how excited I was about this KKcenterhk palette as I had never owned a big palette like this. This one is ESG24 palette  I wanted to try it out before I came up with a review. Last day I went out with my friends in the afternoon. Yes, you heard it right. In spite of the heat we braved the weather just to have some good time. I out this on around 11 30 AM and came back home around 6 PM. I immediately ran in front of my dressing table to find out how my shadows fared and voila!! no creasing, minor fading!! In fact the shadow had moreover set in nicely. So here goes my review and swatches

Price: around 720 INR
What the company claims?
Make Up Set Extremely Portable.

100% New, Never Been Used

Case Is Black( with 2 brushes and mirror)

24 Color Shimmer Eyeshadow Make Up Blush Palette

Suitable For All Day & Night Make Up

Size : 238mm X 171mm X 18mm

Can Be Used Party Or Professional Make Up

The whole box

I like the fact that unlike most cheap shadows, this does not have heavy metals in its composition and and the ingredient list is mentioned on the box.
The palette is so sleek and sturdy looking. I love the classy black case. here are the shades

I'm sorry, the camera could not catch the shimmery light colors. The lighter shades are showing up as white in the photo, but they are all different varying from white to creamy white to lavender white to lime white.
The quantity is quite good as the pans that you are seeing are not really small. Here is estimate

yes, that is a one rupee coin
Now the swatches
I'm putting on the swatches of each row from the top

The second row

The third row

The fourth row and last row

to sum up what I like about the palette

1) Good quantity. So many shades in one palette.
2) The colors are highly pigmented. What you see is a light swatch with my fingers and this is the color pay off.
3) If you are fond of shimmers, beyond doubt, this is the product for you.
4) Versatile.
5) Sturdy packaging ensures its portability.
6) Comes with a mirror and two sponge applicators
7) The texture is powdery and soft and blends so nicely with very little effort.
8) Another thing I could not help noticing was the package. It came wrapped in tons of bubble wraps and looked almost round. Because of such good packaging not a single shadow was damaged. Most of you who order cosmetics online are worried about the state they reach . but from my experience with KKCenterhk I am now totally confident on their packaging.
9) It comes cheap, somewhere around 720 Loose bucks in INR. I thinks this is  a good quantity

Now, what I did not like about this palette

1) There is no black which is a major drawback.
2) There is no pure/deep blue which is also a major drawback and no gold too. I epect a pure gold shadow in  a shimmer palette.
3) One shade has been repeated twice. In the first row second from the last and in the second row, second from the first are the same. So it turns out that there are actually 23 shades.
4) I would have preferred a brush with the palette because sponge applicators are our least used make up tool' Also the applicators are refusing to stay in place.
5) This might not be a very good make up option if you are photographing yourself, but that is true for all shimmer make ups. While they looks astounding in natural light, in bright light of camera flash, they just look flat washed out.

Overall: I'm liking the palette.
Do I recommend? Of course!! This is so cheap nad nice quality palette almost complete in itself!!
Shall I repurchase? tricky!! I have to finish this one first!!

I am just exited to play with these and to show you how I fare

What do you think of the palette?

Product sent by the company/PR for consideration. But that has not affected my review
Thank you, makeupandchitchat
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Review: Manly 80 Color Double Stack Palette By cherrycolors

Hi lovelies,

I got this palette in the beginning of May from KKCenterHK and since then I've been testing it out. I must say that I really like the way it's packaged (double stack) but sadly the positive side ends here.

It contains 80 eye shadows that vary from matte to shimmer. Most of them are matte.

I was hoping for them to be super pigmented, but they are not. I am really disappointed by their quality. On the fingers (as swatch) they look nice, but when applied on skin they just... disappear. Well kind of. I tried using different primers and only  with Fyrinnae Pixi Epoxy they showed up nicely. 

I am used to cheap crap eye shadows, but these are like the worst of them all. I wanted to love them and that's what took me so long. But honestly.. the suck.

But let me tell you why. 
I was expecting the shimmer eye shadows to be more pigmented than the matte (as they usually are), but here it's the opposite. Matte eye shadows are more pigmented.

And they (all of them) and very hard to blend., or even pack on more color. They just become muddy.

I tried doing a MU using 3 color, yellow, light blue and dark green. And what came out? One big green blob.

I tried using two orange shadows and a yellow one to create another look (it's neon orange), but nothing. Hardly shows on the camera. 

And as last, I did a night make up (at the start of the month) and well I had to use some UDPP to add the brown color, because it just wouldn't blend (like 2 colors nicely blended together, noo... it would become 1 color. All the shame thing, ew).

So I'm not impressed. 

The lasting time depends on the primer you're using.

+ There are 80 colors (some are matte and others are shimmer)
+ The packaging is pretty
+ Travel friendly package

- For the quality you get it's way too expensive
- Can't blend them together (it becomes muddy in one swipe)
- Aren't really opaque
- You can't pack color for more opacity

Price 1/5 ☆ ($22)
Rating: 1/5  

I don't like it. I wouldn't buy it if I had the chance. I wanted to like it, I really did but it didn't work for me. And compared to the CS88 palette, the CS palette is way better. This palette may work for someone who's just starting or someone who doesn't like their eyeshadows pigmented.

Thank you, cherrycolors
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Dirty Dino By pa1nt3d-pr1nc3ss

Break time from reading a godawful series I shall not mention in case someone reading actually loves the series and gets offended. Check that out! I'm actually thinking of others! How polite of me :)

With this look I felt very overdone and fuggers in. I don't know what it is with me and false lashes. I love them, I love how they look but I feel so freakin ugly with them on most of the time. After I hopped in the elevator I realized I forgot to use eyeliner on top to kind of fuse them with my lash line. It sucks feeling a look isn't done yet! Whooops

Still using my BFF Buttercupcake and I used some Fyrinnae also.

I used:
Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy just on lid
Burberry Trench from the crease up to make sure no PE strayed above the crease. It would muddy Matte Willow up otherwise.
Lid: Fyrinnae's Dinosaur Plushie
Crease: Aromaleigh's Willow
Upper crease and lower lashline: Sugarpill's Buttercupcake
Browbone and inner corner blended up: Sugarpill's Tako
Lower liner: Mac Pearglide Intense liner in Black Line
Rimmel Sexy Curves Mascara in Blackest Black
Lashes: KKCenterHK 5th set down

Ahhh look at that, I didn't glue the ends down right. Frig.

Go blurry photography!

I made the mistake of gluing the lashes too close to the lashline in the inner corners so everytime I blinked I wanted to rip them out of my face. It's just that I don't like having them too high or you see where the band strays away from the natural line and it's a pain in the ass to cover.

Or I just actually suck ass in reality and need more practice...

That's probably it.

Back to book number 4 of this terrible series. We'll just pretend it's Twilight for now. Not that I would have those taint my Kindle baby.

It's okay lil Kindle, I won't let the sparkly emo boys hurt you. Shhhh

*starts rocking back and forth*

Thank you, pa1nt3d-pr1nc3ss
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Nymph Dreams In Coral ღ By dinorahbaby

[Inspiration Pic]

ELF Quad in Nymph Dreams & Drama • ES A500 EyeLashes
I used the aqua color on the lid & the two browns on the crease. I used the white in Drama for the highlight. I just noticed I misspelled "highlight" in the picture. =/ Now I'm wondering if I've misspelled it in previous pictures. Haha well anyways!! I'm also wearing the short criss cross lashes in ES A500 from KKCenterhk. I used the second lashes down.. shown here

 WnW Mega Matte Lipstick in Just Peachy (903C) • Jordana Incolor Gloss in Peach Sand • (Cheeks) WnW Blush in Pearlescent Pink
This is my second WnW matte lipstick & I love this one too. It's a very light coral. I also used Pearlescent Pink as my blush. It's a peachy pink & it's so pretty & shimmery.

NOTD: A Touch Of Mint
MAC's Mischievous Mint
I put on fake nails lol The $2 ones. ^.^ Woohoo!

Thank you,  dinorahbaby
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