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Princess Lee Lashes By Dempeaux

When KKCentreHK.com got in touch with me and asked me to review some false lashes of my choice from their wesbite, I knew exactly what I wanted to try.
Princess Lee false eyelashes have a cult following in Asia, but they are incredibly difficult to get your hands on as they sell out as soon as they hit the shelves. Knock-offs of these lashes abound because they are so popular, but KKCEntreHK.com sells the real thing.  Each lash band is handmade in Taiwan from human hair and the lashes are placed into very simple packaging.  You get 10 pairs in each packet, which is incredibly good value.
These are, without a doubt, the most natural full strip lashes I have ever used.  I usually take the time to apply individual false lashes if I’m going out somewhere special, and whilst the effect is lovely and natural, it takes forever. I usually take 20 minutes to do both eyes, and I need to make sure that each eye has the same amount of long and medium lashes to create a uniform cat-eye look.
With the Princess Lee lashes in cross 7 black (1.1cm), I just apply the full strip and I’m done.  They are undetectable to even the most enquiring eye.
The very soft lash band makes these lashes confortable to wear during the day and easy to mould to the shape of your eye.  It’s the criss-cross pattern which makes them look so natural.
In the past I’ve worn MAC, Red Cherry, and Ardell false lashes, and Princess Lee beats them all hands down.  The Princess Lee lashes look far more natural, are more comfortable to wear, and flatter the eye.
Each lash is made in the ‘Princess Lee style’ which is the delicate criss-cross pattern you can see in the lashes below:
Compare the Princess Lee lashes to the Girls Aloud lashes I saw in Priceline yesterday:
The Girls Aloud lashes look much more dramatic.
I pulled out some other false eyelashes in my collection to compare to the Princess Lee lashes. Below are a pair of Ardell Wispies, which are incredibly long and reach almost up to my eyebrow. These Ardell lashes also have the longest lashes in the middle, and I really prefer a more cat-eye effect like the Princess Lee lashes:
These Red Cherry lashes in #68 are also incredibly long and look very strange with the lashes bunched in the way they are.  Also, the lashes that sit at the inner corner are very long indeed, so they look unnatural on the eye:
Finally, these MAC #7 lashes are touted to be the most natural in MAC’s false lash range, but I’ve never really been happy with the effect.  Although the lashes that sit at the inner corner are a good length, like the Red Cherry lashes the way the lashes are bunched looks very unnatural on the eye:
So, back to Princess Lee.
As each lash is stuck down to a cardboard backing for shipping, you will need to cut off the extra lash band before you apply them.  The lash band does look long, but these lashes fitted my eyes with no problems. Remember that if you do need to cut them, start from the side with the tallest lashes and work your way in until you achieve the desired length.
To show you the way the lashes impact the look of the eye, I’ve taken a series of photos illustrating the difference on me.  Below is a picture of my eye with some hastily-applied eyeshadow and a little brown liner on the top lash line. My lashes do not have any mascara on them:
One coat of mascara applied:
Lashes applied. Note that the lash band is noticeable but quite discrete. I have used Duo Lash Adhesive in dark:
Here I’ve applied a thin line of Revlon Colorstay Liquid Eyeliner in black to disguise the lashband and complete the look:
These lashes look incredibly natural viewed from any angle:
I’ve taken a photo looking down here because I always find that this is when false eyelashes look the most noticeably unnatural.  However, the Princess Lee lashes look very natural indeed:
They look great behind glasses too, and don’t overpower the rest of my face.  For some reason in the photos below the lashes on the right of my right-hand eye disappeared in the flash, but they are clearly visible in real life:
Better yet, these lashes are on special at the moment, and I plan to stock up. The ones I’ve used here (Cross 7 black 1.1cms) are the shortest, but with these great results I’m keen to try the 1.2 and 1.3cm lashes too.
These Princess Lee lashes usually sell for USD $17.60 on their website, but are currently on special for USD $12.85.  Shipping costs USD $2.50 to Australia.

Thank you, Dempeaux
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KKCenterHk False Eyelash Review and SNOW!!! By Vanessajhoy

Hello Hello!!!! I've been having a stressful week, but here is a review on some awesome lashes!  I was contacted by Maggie from KKcenterHk, who provided me with 1 upper lash and 1 lower lash to do an unbaised review on. Tralalala =]
Overall Look: False lashes, Super Nudy Gray lens for eyes, purple eyeshadow, and light soft pink lips! 

The brand is ES, and both lashes come in a carton box like this with 10 pairs each.

 The lash difference is amazing! Whoah I was shocked to see myself too in the mirror!

These lashes give out a huge change to my eyes!

Including the lower lashes to complete the look!

 A222 Top Lash Review:  These lashes remind me of my favorite Demi120's from Ardell! The A222 have more hairs than the Demi120 and are a lot thicker.

Pros:  A222 has an amazing flexible soft band that will mold and shape with the natural eye.  I have a hard time applying false lashes, esepecially when the band is hard and unflexible, but with these lashes it's so easy to bend to shape!

Cons:  When I blink it has an uncomfortable sensation to the lids,   I took of the lashes and cut more of the inner ends off.  I also believe it's due to the shape my small lids for the discomfort.  But after I cut it it felt comfortable and wore them throughout the day without any problem. =]

A021 Lower Lash Review: I have never tried lower lashes, so I was very excited to try these!  I wanted to see if it will give me an extra dolly look!

Pros: Lengthens lashes if you are lacking in the lower lash department >_<

Cons: I wasn't a real fan of these particular lower lashes, the clear band was too think and non-flexible so it felt really uncomfortable,  I decided to cut the lashes in half, but the lower lash would not bend to match the shape of my eyes.  If you look closely in the photos you can see the straight band =/  It also didn't make much of a difference compared to my real lower lashes.  It adds about the same length when mascara is added.

Tada! Love it! In conclusion I would definetly purchase the A222 top lashes =], the A021 not so much >_<, but I did enjoy trying both!

Thank you, Vanessajhoy
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KKCENTERHK was kind enough to send me some eyelashes to review.  Upon looking at their site, you will see a wide selection of eyelashes, wigs, and various cosmetic products.  Truly, there is a lot to choose from–especially when it comes to eyelashes.  I had so many options I wasn`t sure which to choose!
I picked ES A22 because of their density.  This package gives you 10 pairs of eyelashes for the low price of $3.64!
Click on the link and you can see what they look like bare…and here is what they look like on:

Like I said, very dense & slightly shiny.  They are very dramatic, so I would recommend wearing them with lower lashes to balance it out like I did.

I`m wearing ES A22 on top and Diamond Lash on lower.  This made my eyes pop and is great for a nighttime look.  However, the eyelashes are quite stiff but for 3.64 the price is really low and you get a lot which means you can easily experiment with them without fear!
How I wore them:

I cut the lashes in half and this gave me a slightly more natural look.  Still, they were thick enough that they were more dramatic than my other half-lashes.
Definitely noticeable & fun.  I wore them all day & night.  No problems with them coming loose or feeling heavy on my eyes–after putting them on I soon forgot about them which is what I like with my eyelashes!
Also, as a side note: I don`t graphically alter my images except for lighting or other special effects, so how you see it is how I look (yay red-eye).  This way, you know what you are buying!  Check out my review policy for more information.
Go to KKCENTERHK to view more of their products.  10 pairs of lashes for less that $4.00?  That`s pretty hard to beat!

2011年1月29日 星期六

ES product review By Arabian eyes

ooh la la do i smell a review?

i'm rather excited about this one cuz this is my first product review that was actually sent to me from a company called KKCENTERHK. A lovely lady called maggie contacted me a while back and asked me if i would like to review some of their products i had to choose a couple of eyelashes from their website and share my honest opinions on them.

The eyelash brand that i was sent was called ES but they have other brands available such as Ardell etc

So i had a couple to choose from which were the ten pairs of lashes and i chose a thick pair:
And a thinner more natural pair:
I did a youtube video review on this if you would like to watch it here
SO what did i think of it?
THICK PAIR - I didn't apply these in my video but i tried them on today and i definatly felt that they were a lot more dramatic than what i would usually wear.
  • i loved the way they opened up my eyes and they were comfortable as they didn't have that plastic feel
  • the natural feel of them made the application a lot more easier as i didn't have to bend the hell out of them just so they would fit my eye.
  • very light on the eyes, and they make any dramatic smoky look appear much more diva like!!
  • It didn't come with glue
  • It had to extra pieces on either end which are used to be placed in the box (not really a bad point but it was a bit of a pain when you didn't have scissors handy!!)
more good points than bad points.
NATURAL PAIR I LOVED THESE!! i am so glad they came in a pack of ten because they seemed a lot more natural than even the ardell ones that i've used.
  • clear line where it gets attatched to the eye for a nicer natural effect as they lashes look part of your own.
  • so light, no need to bend them in shape and has no plastic feel to them.
  • not dramatic at all, although long, still in proportion to my eye.
  • No eyelash glue was provided
i have no other bad points!! i loooooveeeeeeeeeeeed these!
The below picture with eyelashes applied.

You can find these at www.kkcenterhk.com.
I would just like to add a few other points:
  • The customer service that i recieved was brilliant and i was left very happy
  • They ship worldwide using paypal
  • They have a variety of different products ranging from eyelashes to wigs to nail products to even fake MOUSTACHES lol
so tell me what you think, do you guys usually stick to a specific type of brand or are you happy to try out different ones too?

Thank you, 

ES eyelash review By Arabianneyes

ES eyelash review

These items were sent to me and i was not paid for this review. For more info check out my blog www.xarabianeyesx.blogspot.com

Find me on facebook:

to purchase:

Thank you, Arabianneyes

Its all about the lashes (lash review final part ) By Charmed Chick

Hey everyone

This is my last post on the the beautiful sample lashes that were sent to me by kkcenterhk.
I have to say in all honesty that i have really enjoyed trying out all of the different types that were sent to me. and i cant find any faults in any of the lashes that i have tried so the company gets a 10/10 from me and i would definitely buy products from them.

So to the lashes i have used.

Left to right A006 these lashes retail at £3.30 A067 these purple lashes retail at an amazing £2.06 and finally A008 these retail at £1.63.

These are the prices stated from kkcenterhk's website there would be a small postage charge but i think for ten sets of lashes in each pack you cant go wrong.

Instructions on the back of the packaging on how to apply the lashes.

A006 lashes
I have to say out of all the lashes i received these have to be the most natural looking ones they really accentuate the lashes i already have and make them look thicker.

A067 purple lashes

Like the red lashes these were super fun to wear and out of the two brightly colored one i received i liked these ones the most. Like i said before i don't think these can be worn everyday but on a night out they would be fab.

A008 lashes
These lashes may look similar to the first pictures but they are different they get longer to the edge of the eye rather than being long in the center.
Again i found these very comfortable and easy to use.

I have to say that these are all my honest opinions on what i think the products are like

So what do you think have you ordered any or received samples did you like them as much as i did :)

A lot of randomness ;-) makeup, nails, top10 polishes etc. By Sabbatha

Ok it is a New Year so it is also time to write a random chit-chat post ;) It was a long and expensive year. I stopped to bite my nails and I became a polishaholic. Poor wallet :< I bought A LOT of polishes and I started blogging. I created also my Facebook page and Twitter ID. So this year was good I think ;-) Few days ago I also bought my own web domain http://spookynails.com :-)

Dobra, mamy Nowy Rok, czas na post o wszystkim i o niczym ;) To był długi i kosztowny rok. Przestałam obgryzać paznokcie i stałam się lakieroholiczką. Biedny portfel :< Kupiłam MASĘ lakierów i zaczęłam blogować, stworzyłam też stronę na Facebook'u i użytkownika na Twitterze. Więc chyba ten rok był w porządku ;-) Do tego wykupiłam własną domenę http://spookynails.com :-)

First - my New Year's Eve makeup. KKCenterHK sent me some false eye lashes for review. I used:

Na początek sylwestrowy makijaż. KKCenterHK wysłali mi kilka kompletów sztucznych rzęs do testów. Użyłam:

Too Faced Shadow Insurance base
Inglot eyeshadows
Coastal Scents gel liner in black
lashes ES Brand A715

baza pod cienie Too Faced Shadow Insurance
cienie Inglot
czarny żelowy liner Coastal Scents
rzęsy ES Brand A715

My mani was OPI Sparkle-icious, but I don't have swatch. One day after I made a zebra stripes with Konad m57 plate and special black nail polish. It is so sparkly! I love this polish!

Jako mani sylwestrowe  miałam OPI Sparkle-icious, ale nie mam słocza solo. Dorobiłam dzień później zebrowe paski, przy pomocy płytki Konad m57 i specjalnego czarnego lakieru do wzorków. Ale one błyszczą! Uwielbiam ten lakier!

Daylight / Światło dzienne

Artificial light / sztuczne światło

I was thinking about my polish Top10. Making Top20 could be easier I think, but I tried to list only the best polishes. So here is the list:

Myślałam o liście Top10 lakierowej. Top20 by było łatwiejsze do spisania, ale starałam się wypisać tylko najlepsze z najlepszych. A więc oto one:

1. Essence Trendsetter
2. China Glaze DV8
3. Colour Alike 448
4. OPI DS Extravagance
5. Misa Toxic Seduction
6. OPI Smitten With Mittens
7. Orly Meet Me Under The Mistletoe
8. Zoya Valerie
9. OPI Sparkle-icious
10. Essence Back To Paradise

Of course there is a lot more great polishes, but I cant list them all :-)

Oczywiście jest masa innych świetnych lakierów, ale nie mogę wszystkich wypisać :-)

I want to thank you all for your support, lovely comments, adding me to your blogrolls and all mentions about me :-) It is amazing, that so many of you are reading my blog! :-* Thanks to all companies for sending me some products for review :-)

Chciałabym wam wszystkim podziękować za wasze wsparcie, miłe komentarze, dodawanie mnie do blogrolli i wszystkie wzmianki o moim blogu :-) To niesamowite, że tak wiele osób czyta mojego bloga! :-* Dziękuję też wszystkim firmom za wysyłanie produktów do recenzji :-)

I have also 3 special thanks:)

For lovely Orlica from http://lakieroholiczka.blogspot.com/, for those hundreds of hours spent talking with me (about nails, polishes, life and everything). Mua :*
For all girls from our Polish nail polish fanatics forum http://www.klublakierowy.fora.pl/ - thanks for all good words about my swatches :D And for swaps and all temptations :-) And for talking too!
For TheOleskaaa from http://theoleskaaa.blogspot.com/ and http://www.youtube.com/user/TheOleskaaa also for support, swaps and mentions :-)

Mam jeszcze 3 specjalne podziękowania :)

Dla przecudownej Orlicy z bloga http://lakieroholiczka.blogspot.com, za te setki godzin spędzonych na rozmowach (o paznokciach, lakierach, życiu i wszystkim innym). Mua:*
Dla wszystkich dziewczyn z naszego lakierowego forum http://klublakierowy.fora.pl - dzięki za wszystkie miłe słowa o moich swatchach :D I za kuszenie ;-) I za rozmowy też!
I dla TheOleskaaa z http://theoleskaaa.blogspot.com i http://www.youtube.com/user/TheOleskaaa zarówno za wsparcie jak i wzmianki o moim blogu i wymianko-prezenty :-)

Do you want to see something special on my blog? More polish series? Reviews? More random posts? :-)

Chcecie czegoś specjalnego na moim blogu? Więcej serii lakierowych? Recenzji? Więcej postów o wszystkim i o niczym? :-)