2012年3月12日 星期一

Review: Beauty Angel Turn-Up Long Mascaraby cherrycolors

I got this mascara months ago. At first I wanted to test it for good, but then it was just so good that I couldn't write a review for it. I kept delaying it. 

But now, that the mascara is long gone (all used up!) and I have tested it for good, it's time for a proper review.

First of all, I got it from KKCenterKH for review purposes. My opinion is always honest.

The wand itself it's nothing special. A regular mascara wand. But it's the mascara formula that does the trick!

My bare lashes:

They are really light and the ends look nonexistent. 

And now two coats of mascara - it's incredible. 

This mascara was my favorite of them all. 

Because I could cry with it, rub my eyes and nothing. It wouldn't budge. 
The only way to take it off was with make up remover and even then there were little pieces of mascara (you remember the tubes mascara?) coming off my lashes. It didn't hurt, it didn't burn... it just looked funny.
Those weren't fibres, but mascara. I loved it!

+ waterproof
+ lasts all day long
+ gives volume AND length
+ it's cheap (compared to most mascaras)
+ easy to apply
+ easy to remove
+ the mascara packaging comes in three colors (pink, blue and green)

- honestly I can't think of any, except that I run out of it :P

Price: ♥ ($13.00)
Rating: 5/5 

Yes, I loved it! I can't wait to get another one, because so far I didn't find anything like this!
I love that it's long lasting, waterproof and even rub proof (tho you have to be gentle! since the pieces of mascara can easily come off this way) and that it comes in a nice packaging. Oh and the best part? It didn't irritate my eyes, which is a problem I have quite sometimes. 
I would recommend it!

Thank you, cherrycolors
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Hatsune Miku Cosplay Wig Review by cominica

Hello!! (≧∇≦)/ I'm going to make a quick review about Hatsune Miku cosplay wig. This wig is sponsored by kkcenterhk.com, they have various type of Hatsune Miku wig with different color, please check it out here if you're interested! (mine is PKF3). So, I'm going to share my look while wearing this wig and my opinion about it. >‿<

This wig is came with 3 part, the short wig as a base and two clip on pig tail with curl end. This supposed to be use in Hatsune Miku magnet version. This wig has a soft aqua blue color which is so pretty and bright. The wig is soft too, but you need to comb it and tidy it first before use, yeah that's a wig!
To use it, is super easy~! Put a base short wig first, like this. (///∇//)

After that, just clip the tail on the left and right. That's really easy right? LOL (^▽^)
So, do you want to see my whole Hatsune Miku look?? and sorry I don't have the costume for this magnet version or whatever the props is. Enjoy~! (`∀´)ノ

GET 10% DISCOUNT @ kkcenterhk.com WITH THIS CODE BLGB385CH10

What do you think? Lol, I hope you like the overall look and my eye make up here. >‿<
I'm pretty busy for preparing Chinese New Year now, gotta tidy my room and everything!! Aww, I always love CNY, lol FOODs, Red Pocket (mwahahahahha) (゚O゚((○=(`▽´*)o  and being together with my relatives. I hope you have a wonderful CNY soon and me too, Happy Chinese New Year~~~!!! I'll not open my blog for few days so I'll reply all your comment later, see you soon! And thanks for reading, loveeee yaaa~~ (`∀´)ノ 

Thank you, cominica
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Lace Pink Princess Nails by nobeautylimits

Hi Hi!
I am super excited you guys~ I am trying to put together another EPIC giveaway and so far im doing pretty good. This will probably be a Christmas themed giveaway^

I had been waiting on this package for awhile and I was kinda scared that it might have gotten lost in the mail.
Kkcenterhk sent me two pairs of false nails. The first pair is a light pink/black princess style design with black bows and pink stones to top it off. The black section is lined with a cute pink lace design that gives it that girly elegant effect. Each set contains 12 nails that each vary in size and pink tinted nail glue.

12 Pieces Pink Black Lace False Nail Tips [N300]

I found that the glue wasn't messy at all and made it easy to apply. The design is very cute and works perfectly with any type of fashion your into whether it is gyaru, lolita, fairy kei, decora, chic, etc etc.
I did notice that on the website these nails are under a different brand and have a different packing, so do note that when if you do plan to purchase them~

I think their sizing is a bit weird when it comes to the nails. I prefer to have only 1 of my nails decorated with the bows and rhinestones but because of the sizing I had to choose two. When applying press down firmly and let the glue dry for 20 seconds before going back on Tumblr. They have a good selection of designs that are perfect for special one day events that you don't want to go to the salon for.

Overall 4/5!

Thank you, nobeautylimits
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Lunar New Year nail decals + The New You~ by thiamere

Just a couple more days & it's going to be the start of another lunar new year~
I'm going to have a long weekend because my students won't be having a class this monday & tuesday! Yatta~

Anyway, continuing with the topic, KKCenterhk was kind enough to provide me with water decals that i could use for my nail arts.

I browsed their extensive list of products & saw this cute decal that would be perfect for my new year nail art! You can see it HERE.

Kawaii de sho?
I love water decals! You can have a beautiful & quick nail art just by sticking it on.

Since my nails are not long enough to put some intricate designs on so i just put it on top of China Glaze Gr8.

I just love holo polishes!
Who doesn't?!

Very easy but still very festive especially when the sun hits my nails... the play of colors is just simple breath-taking!

On to the other news, there's a new magazine in town called The New You.

THE NEW YOU MAGAZINE is a quarterly publication on personal reinvention. Their almost 200 page magazine has various sections on Wellness, Health and Beauty, including Plastic Surgery (invasive and non-invasive). They features clinics, spas, physical therapist, surgeons, dermatologist, and dentists who are involved in physical transformation.

Don't they all look so ravishing!
It's amazing how it's now possible to almost defy your age,ne?
Anyway, as what i said before, age is just a number! If i'll look half as beautiful as Eula Valdez when i reach her age then i would gladly wait for that time!

I'm actually a late bloomer & i'm sure you all know that i haven't tried a lot of aesthetic procedure. I'm not against it or anything. I would be trying them all in due time but for now i think this magazine would be a great source of information not just for those who have tried such procedures but for those who wanted to know more about it. I have to get myself a copy of this when i go to the bookstore nga.

You might wanna check out their site too for any additional info & notes. Click HERE to visit their page.

I hope that your weekend will be a relaxing one!
Have a happy day!
Jaa ne~!

Thank you, thiamere
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A813 Cheap Eyelashes! by supergorgeous

If you want to add a little bit of oomph to your lashes without looking ridiculously over the top, then feast your eyes on these little beauties! The A813 lashes from KKcenterHk are made to look rather natural, but give a definite change in appearance to my eyes.

They come with a very long band, which has to be cut - they are still too large for my eyes once that's off, so I cut them from the shorter side; leaving the longest lashes to create the drama at my outer eyes. You could cut them to size from the longer end if you wanted to use them in more of a subtle way.

They come in packs of 10 - which only costs £4.98 - that's around 50p per pair and they're resuable! Registered air mail from Hong Kong is only £1.87 and you'll get your package within 3-5 working days. I seriously can't rave about this website enough! I am always a bit wary of buying things from international websites, especially when the English on it isn't 100%, but I want to assure you that it is completely genuine and I have been thrilled with all the lashes I have had from them.

The lovely people at KKcenterHk have given me a 10% discount code for my readers to use on their site - perfect timing to get in your holiday lash wardrobe! Just enter BLGB268SU10 at the checkout - this is valid until 28th February.

Thank you, supergorgeous
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"ANGRY BIRDS" by mymakeupmania

I LOVE Angry Birds, don't ya? :) They are all very adorable! My whole family so into Angry Birds game apps now. There is quite a few versions for this game and we have them all LOL~ My fave one is RIO Angry Birds, almost done with those stages >_< 
Image and video hosting by TinyPic 
And my today's mani is totally inspired by Angry Birds. For the main images I used [N.NAIL water decals] which I've got from[ KKCENTERHK]. It's a bit expensive tho, $6.0 for this water decal sheet. It comes in individual packaging. And there is much more images than on usual water decals. Quality of them is very nice, it's not spread by contact with top coat polish at all! And simply they are kindda unique! Cause I didn't saw such decals yet :)
Image and video hosting by TinyPic 
The ANGRY BIRDS close up...
Image and video hosting by TinyPic 
My son loves the Christmas version LOL~ It's really cute tho!
Image and video hosting by TinyPic 
Weak but sun light LOL...My nails finally started get longer and it makes me so happy :)
Image and video hosting by TinyPic 
The only reason I wated to play with these images I watched 2 movies at ones which are "Wrong Turn 4" and "Sky Line" and they both made me feel so bad and negligible. And I wanted something cheerful to stop thinking about those movies.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
I have 10 % OFF unique coupon code for all of U -> BLGB571RE10
This coupon code works 'till February 28, 2012.
This product was provided for review.

Thank you, mymakeupmania
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Christmas Lights 2011 by mymakeupmania

For this couple of days I'm gonna to do some Christmas inspired nail designs. And started today I made "Christmas Lights" nails using my new green glitters. Those are flat sorta rinestones which are probably the most favourite glitter type of mine. Half moon nail design using red and gold nail polishes + accent ring finger :)
Size: 1mm
Color code : LB600
Net Weight : 10g
Price: USD $7.37
Plastic jar.
Can be used for both acrylic/fake and natural nails.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic 
Gorgeous green glitters, tons of product in one jar! It's quite expensive product for glitters but this jar will lasts for a very-very long time!
Image and video hosting by TinyPic 
My both hands full manicure...
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
I finally can see my nails get longer and it makes me really happy :D
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Don't forget to use my special cupone code for 10% OFF! BLGB571RE10Thats it and have a great day!

Product was sent for review.

Thank you, mymakeupmania
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Naklejki wodne od KKCenterHk - pająki. Recenzja. by lidzia007

Hej, jakiś czas temu pokazywałam Wam co dostałam od 
Są to naklejki wodne, które w przeciwieństwie do tych całopaznokciowych, które miałam szansę wcześniej testować klik są o 100% lepsze! :))
Naklejki,  które dostałam są dostępne dokładnie tu - klik klik.
A ich wzór nazywa się N.NAIL Spider Water Decals Nail Art - WDBLE1341
Tak wyglądał cały arkusz naklejek klik klik.
Tym razem naklejek jest 20, a nie tylko 10, więc jakby co można użyć następnej do poprawki, 
ale przy kolejnym mani braknie nam ich ;). 
Aplikacja tym razem nie sprawiała w ogóle problemów. Wszystko sprawnie, łatwo i szybko. 
Naklejki szybko przyklejają się do paznokcia - praktycznie po przyłożeniu arkusika do pazurka. 
Jestem bardzo zadowolona ! :)
Trwałość bez zarzutu. Poniżej zdjęcia pazurków w 5 dniu po naklejeniu.
(przepraszam za jakoś - zdjęcia robione dziś zrrano przy lampce)
Naklejki są całe i zdrowe i gdyby nie fakt, że lakier podkładowy nieco zszarzał i starł się przy końcach można by dalej w nich śmigać, dziś zamierzam je zmyć.
Wzór, który wybrałam niesamowicie mi się podoba. 
Pająki są świetnie wykonane i wydaję się, że są 3D.
Przyciągają uwagę i sama nie mogę oderwać od nich wzroku ;).
Cena: 2.64 $
Dostępność: klik
Jak Wam się podoba ten wzór ? :)
Z racji 6 grudnia miały być dziś Mikołaje, ale niestety wczoraj nie miałam czasu :( 
źródło :  http://soleil.pinger.pl/p/20
Byłyście grzeczne ? odwiedził Was Mikołaj ? 
Hoł, hoł hoł :D

Thank you, lidzia007
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