2012年5月28日 星期一

a przed nami ... by piinkshot

Oczywiście lakier, nie mogło być inaczej. :) Jak za chwilę zobaczycie na każdym zdjęciu kolor wychodził inny i ciężko było mi go uchwycić. Podoba mi się w nim krótki czas schnięcia i trwałość, wcześniejszy  wytrzymał około 4 dni. Nie pomijając oczywiście sporej pojemności 18ml. Na zdjęciach paznokcie pokryte są dwiema warstwami, które są wystarczające do pełnego krycia. 
|lakier pochodzi ze sklepu KKCenterHk, znajdziecie go >tutaj<|

Thank you, piinkshot
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Review: ES 10 Pairs Different Styles Natural Eyelashes(Transparent Stem) by alinabarbumake-up

Si pentru ca am prins oarecum experienta in aplicarea genelor false, astazi vreau sa va prezint un alt set pe care l-am primit din partea celor de la .kkcenterhk.com/ .Sunt impresionata de felul in care isi trateaza aceasta firma care la inceput mi s-a parut oarecum suspecta ,partenerii,colaboratorii.Coletele ajung de fiecare data foarte repede , desi vin din Hong Kong.
Am ales acest set deoarece cuprinde 10 perechi de gene diferite pe care le pot folosi la diferite tipuri de machiaje.

Este al treilea set de gene asemanatoare pe care le folosesc si sunt foarte multumita de calitatea acestora .Am mai vorbit aici si aici despre alte tipuri de gene false KKcenterHK.
Un machiaj in care am folosit primele gene din set vedeti mai jos:

Pret: USD 17.35 $
Magazin online:KKcenterHk.com (unde gasiti mai multe modele )
Ati incercat genele de la KKcenterhk?!Eu cu siguranta le recomand cu caldura!

Thank you, alinabarbumake-up
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Review - Half Mini Black Lashes by viktoriasarina

Da es mir die letzten Tage schon nicht gut gegangen ist, und es mir heute gesundheitlich noch schlechter geht, bin ich von der Schule zuhause geblieben und kuschele in meinem Leoparden Jumpsuit mit meinem Hund :) (Von dem Jumpsuit wollte ich euch eigentlich ein Foto zeigen, allerdings finde ich das Kabel für meine Kamera nicht).
Stattdessen werde ich jetzt eine Review zu den Wimpern 10 Pairs Handmade Half Mini Black Lashes With Clear Band von ES schreiben, dir ihr in diesem Onlineshop erhalten könnt.

Es handelt sich dabei, wie der Namen schon verlauten lässt um 10 Paar künstliche Wimpern, die von Hand gemacht worden sind.

Mir gefallen die Lashes sehr gut, da ich es mag, dass sie im hinteren Viertel dichter und länger werden, was einen tollen katzenartigen Blick verleiht.
Wer also lieber dezente Make Ups bevorzugt sollte von diesen Wimpern wohl eher die Finger lassen.
Ich hingegen bin begeistert und habe auch nicht wirklich etwas auszusetzen.
Das Wimpernbändchen ist dünn und durchsichtig, was das Aufbringen vereinfacht.

Natürlich sind sie auffällig, allerdings nicht in der Hinsicht dass sie wie schwarze Balken über den Augen aussehen, die wie reines Plastik glänzen. Und das gefällt mir sehr gut :)

Der Preis liegt für 10 Paar gerade mal bei knapp 15$, was ein wirklich guter Preis ist!

Wie gefallen euch die Fake Lashes?

Thank you, viktoriasarina
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Best Sence - Glitter polish by nailderellanails


Do you like glitters? I do~

I will show you today a Chinese brand that has awesome glitters. The name of the brand is Best Sence.
The one I will show you today is called "Best Sence - Red Small Hexagon & Dot Glitter Nail Polish" with the reference BESE-N331-87.
1 coat of Best Sence 87 over 3 coats of Zoya Sarah.

Final verdict: Best Sence Glitter 87 is a very sheer pink polish (almost clear) packed with lots of red, fuchsia, blue, and gold glitters. The red and fuchsia glitters are large, the blue medium and the gold small (2 sizes of them). The smaller gold glitters seem to be dots when you look at them (by eyes) but with a zoom, you can see they are actually hexagons. I like the mix of colors and sizes. The glitters go well together. Application was perfect! I used here only 1 coat and I didn't have to go fishing for the glitters, they applied nicely on the nails. I'm also impressed with how the glitters are well suspended. They don't settle at the bottom of the  bottle at all. It's a bit fascinating to look at them in the bottle because even if you turn the bottle upside down, the glitters keep their place in the bottle, they keep an equidistance between them. It's funny! So great formula but I'm not sure it's 3 free. I think I will use it again because I just love red glitters and also blue and gold!
What do you think of it?
By the way, Best Sence has various glitter polishes with different colors such as black, gold, pink, purple, but also heart or star and moon glitters! You can see all their glitter polishes here. 
Purchase info 
Best Sence polishes can be purchased from KKCenterHK. You can find this item here on their site. It costs $5.86 for 15 mL. KKCenterHK ship internationally. They have great nail art products and polishes.

 Coupon code (10% off): nailderellanails (until 31st Jan, 2013).
 *Product(s) in this post was(were) sent  for my honest review*

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Review : Flowers Water Decals - WDBLE1161 by korynails

Hi girls..For today I prepared something special and different..A review..Yep my first one:)..
I was asked by the KKCenterHk store if I want to do a review and I picked the flowers water decals -WDBLE1161 !
I want to let you girls know that is my first time using water decals!!I was a little worried because it's my first time using them and I thought I don't know how to use them but they are so easy to use..and so perfect for nails...You will see..

This is how they look!

And on my nails

Although I always like to paint the flowers ...they are times when you don't have time or not in the mood for painting you can easily choose these water decals that are perfect at any hour..and in a couple of minutes you will a have a perfect manicure..

Do I recommend them?YES..why? Because they are simple to use by anyone and perfect in any moment..You cand find these water decals HERE!
But the KKCenterHk store has a lot of water decals for your taste!

If you want to order from KKCenterHk you can get 10% of if you enter my discount coupon:korynails

The coupon will expire in 31st,Jan.,2013

If you have suggestions or questions you can contact me at kory_nails@yahoo.com


Thank you, korynails
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Nail Art - Water Decals Roses by lilinailart

Voici une petite déco toute simple réalisée sur le superbe vernis Glitter Gal que je vous ai présenté ICI.
J'ai utilisé les water decals Roses N.NAIL, réf : BLE424a que j'avais reçu de la part de la boutique KKcenterHk
Je trouve ces water decals encore plus jolis sur les ongles et le bleu du vernis fait bien resortir ses couleurs.
J'ai préféré ne pas en poser sur tout les ongles pour la déco ne soit pas trop chargé. Surtout que le vernis de base est magnifique, ça aurait été dommage de le caché, vous ne trouvez pas ?
J'ai posé une couche de Top Coat Ultra Shine de Nfu Oh pour fixer la déco. Ce Top Coat n'enlève en rien l'effet des vernis holographiques, il m'a été chaudement recommandé par Kaophonie que je remercie au passage.
On sait toutes que les holo sont assez fragiles et là je vous assure que mon vernis a super bien tenu. J'ai enlevé le vernis au bout de 5 jours, et il n'était pas du tout abimé.
J'espère que ma petite déco vous aura plu !
Vous pouvez retrouver les water decals dans la boutique KKcenterHk et
profiter d'une remise de 10% avec le code lilinailart
Vous retrouverez le Top Coat Nfu Oh et toutes les collections de vernis Nfu Oh dans la boutique


Tous les clients fidèles d'internet bénéficient d'une réduction minimum
de 10 %
Minimum d'achat 15 €

Bonne journée !

Thank you, lilinailart
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Review: KKCenterHK Handmade Glamour Big Eye Eyelashes by forest-doll

 Hello everyone! :-) It's a holiday so I'm free to blog now. Honestly it's been a while since I last dolled up. I've been pretty simple these days. I just apply foundation, apply blush on, do my eyebrows and apply my default pink lipstick and I kind of miss applying eyemake but school is making me have zero time for myself. Well anyway, I received these babies from KKCenterHK a few days ago and when I finally had the chance to use them, I didn't hesitate and I used them right away. So here I am doing a review. 
Being really interested with the Otona kind of lashes lately, these were perfect! :-) They're not like my usual spiky lashes as they were quite feathery and soft looking. They look really nice IMO. They're longer on the ends so expect a cute cat eyed look. 
The lash band was super easy to mold too! I think this is the easiest KKCenterHK lash to apply (Of the ones I used)! :-) It was a breeze! And the lash band is transparent so two thumbs up. I hate removing glue from lashes with thick black bands like the diamond lash dolly eye (which I love but the band sucks) Hahaha! Okay now for photos yaaaay:

Products used: G&G Big DM23 Pink lens, Etude House Tear drop liner, Etude House Proof 10 Liquid Liner in Black, Diamond Lash Baby Eye, BareNaturals Foundistay Golden Neutral in Light, Tony Moly Berry Berry Liptint in Green Apple, Revlon Colorstay Mineral Blush in Roseberry, GiantVintage Round Glasses.

  • Length: /5 -- Not too long and not too short! But I think a bit more length would be better   
  • Volume:    /5 -- Quite fluffy and has decent volume without the spikes! :-)
  • Ease of application:   /5 -- Super easy to apply! :-) I swear.
  • Are the lashes reusable? Yes! They're not cheap and flimsy like other ones. They remind me of my dolly wink lashes! 
  • Are the lashes worth the money? Yes! Definitely! :-) I really recommend these!

You can get them here:

Check out KKCenterHK for more amazing lashes.
If you plan on buying from them, use the code "Forestdoll" to get 10% off on all your purchases! 
I totally recommend their lashes.

Don't forget to join my giveaways! ~ 

Thank you, forest-doll
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Baby Queen Lower Lashes Review - Luminous Change look alike! by cominica

Kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa~(ノ≧∀≦)ノ! *slapped 100x. I'm so happy KKcenterhk sent this lower lashes to me for try! Seriously, all lower lashes I got from them are supeeerrr nice! It's not lose with Japanese false lashes I've tried, I'm not saying this because they're my partner. You will know the quality if you try it by your self. Japanese false lashes are quite pricey  (¬‿¬) and sometimes just get 2/3 pairs on 1 box. I feel robbed! LOL But this one is really affordable compared to them. The quality is good and nice too so far. This one is a new brand called Baby Queen and it's from Taiwan.。◕‿◕。

Now, I'm going to share one of lower lashes I got from kkcenterhk. When the first time  I saw the design, I thought it look like one of Luminous change false lashes! That time I was looking for lower false lashes so I remembered it. It look like Luminous Change! by Rumi no #9, Huge Eye.

Oh well, it's not 100% look a like (¬、¬) , because this one is look thinner than the one I got from kkcenterhk.

This lower lashes has a thin and clear strand which I love. I'm happy because this lower lashes is fit my eyes perfectly. I don't need to cut it again, hehehe. Want to see how it look? My eyes change and look huge! Super super loveeeeee~ Too bad this lower lashes is already SOLD OUT REALLY QUICK (」゜ロ゜)」, I hope they'll stock it soon so other people can try it! ^O^

Closer look. How can you not fall in love with this lower lashes? I use Chan Wei false lashes from kkcenterhk for the upper lashes. Check out the review HERE.
Love it??? Btw, I use Lioele eyeshadow on my previous post and Canmake.

This is the whole look, I feel weird because my eyes look so big @___@ hahahhaah

Why my face so chubby? -___- 

I'm getting better with wink pose now, bahahahahhaha *slapped ┗(`ー´)┓

♔ LIKE ♔
✩ Make my eyes look HUGE
✩ Clear band and thin, easy to apply
✩ Perfect size and length
✩ Affordable
✩ Get 5 pairs in 1 box
✩ Can be use for maany times!
✩ Look obvious in photos

✩ Available online only

I don't have any complain to this lower lashes~ Baby Queen lower lashes is surprisingly nice~♥(ノ´∀`)! I hope they release more moreee lower lashes, can't wait to try other design from them. Btw, If you want to check this product please click HERE. And don't forget to use my coupon code : COMINICA to get 10% discount at kkcenterhk. BTW, They have a promotion now! Check it out, just click the image below! Hurry~~~~

Thank you, cominica
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Antoinette-Futurette by maryammaquillage

Bonjour mes belles et mes beaus!! It's me, Maryam, reincarnated into a futuristic emo version of Queen Marie-Antoinette inspired by Lime Crime's latest creation: Palette d'Antoinette!! Since this look pretty much speaks for itself; I, without further ado, present to you my concept of the day complete with reviews, tips, and tricks for all you makeup lovers and enthusiasts! 

Keep reading!!

Isn't she a beauty?
The Almighty Palette d'Antoinette & Eyeshadow Helper sample by Lime Crime*:
  • Royal Flush -- pretty pastel pink (matte finish) -- used in the inner corner, lower lash line & in the crease of the eye as a transition shadow
  • Absinthe-Minded -- light pistachio green (matte finish) -- saved for my next Lime Crime inspiration
  • Macarooned -- perfect peach (matte finish) -- used as a highlight under the brow
  • Ribbonesque -- pastel lavender (matte finish) -- used in the outer "v" of the eye and on the eyebrows
  • Mercurious -- metallic silver (shimmery sparkle finish) -- used on the lid and lower lash line

With colors so wearable and perfect for the summer, I simply couldn't allow myself to go with a pretty makeup look as my first Palette d'Antoinette inspiration. What I love about Lime Crime is that the brand encourages its followers to step outside of the norm and embrace the beauty of individuality and artistry. After all, we're all unicorns on the inside, so why not relinquish it for a day or two?!
To create this untraditional eye look, I applied the colors in the opposite way that I "normally" would... i. e. brighter color in the highlight, paler color in the crease and for the first time ever, I colored my eyebrows. dot... dot... dot... 

In the process, I've made a few discoveries... follow along :)))

HOW-TO get COLORFUL eyebrows if you have THICK, DENSE and/or DARK eyebrows:
  1. Start by brushing your eyebrows upward and following the natural growth of the hairs. Take a greasy base like a concealer or NYX jumbo eye pencil in Milk (my choice) and apply it heavily all over your brows.
  2. Blend the base into the hair and skin under the brows using your finger. The greasy consistency will help the unruly hairs stick together.
  3. Take a q-tip and clean up the area around your eyebrows, making them uniform and sharp.
  4. Take your eyeshadow of choice (I used Ribbonesque) on a flat shader brush and begin by patting the color onto the sticky base. Fill in any gaps with a smaller brush and extend your brows using the same shadow.
For my two-toned lippies, I used none other than:
Other Products Used:

Length: approx. waist-length

Color: Lavender / Purple

Price: $37.53

Where to Buy: www.KKcenterHK.com

10% OFF Coupon Code: MARYAM -- good for any merchandise from the KKcenterHK website. Don't forget to enter the code at checkout.

Description: Fun, flirty, lavender costume wig -- perfect for unicorns, Antoinettes and beyond. Need I say more? :)))

creepy photo LeeLee couldn't resist taking... 
Why? -- Cuz not everything has to be pretty all the time -- he said
I concur :))


Maryam Maquillage


Photo Credits: Le Var (merci!!!)

*The products featured in this post were sent for my consideration and review. I was not compensated for this review and the information stated is 100% my own, uninfluenced and unbiased opinion. 

Maryam Maquillage © 2012. www.maryammaquillage.com

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