2011年3月30日 星期三

False lashes from http://www.kkcenterhk.com By SpookyNails

Maggie from http://www.kkcenterhk.com sent me an email, do I wan't some some false eyelashes for review. I said yes and she sent me some of their products. I recieved 5 types of lashes (2 pairs of each type). I sent to TheOleskaaa half of them (also one pair of each type) and she was amazed by them too! They are very soft, stripes are very thin. Some of them are made from natural hair (I can tell is it true, because I neved had any, but they are extremely soft). I picked very natural lashes and one more dramatic. I already showed you my New Years Eve makeup using ES Brand A715 falsies:

Maggie z http://www.kkcenterhk.com wysłała mi maila, czy chcę otrzymać do recenzji sztuczne rzęsy z ich sklepu. Zgodziłam się i wysłała mi kilka ich produktów. Rostałam 5 rodzajów rzęs (po 2 pary z każdego typu). Wysłałam TheOleskaaa połowę z nich (po parze z każdego typu) i była również nimi zachwycona (tutaj jest filmik). Są bardzo miękkie i delikatne, paski są cieniutkie. Niektóre z nich wykonane są z naturalnego włosia (nie wiem czy to prawda, bo nigdy takich nie miałam, ale są mega delikatne). Wybrałam 4 rodzaje bardzo naturalnych rzęs i jedne bardziej "dramatyczne". Już pokazywałam wam sylwestrowy makijaż z użyciem rzęs ES Brand A715:

I recieved / otrzymałam:

ES Brand A200

Es Brand A218:

Es Brand A222

Es Brand A715

ES Brand A39

On the eye / na oku

Es Brand A715

Es Brand A39

Kkcenterhk lashes are GREAT. You can find on their site almost every type of falsies, also extremely dramatic ones. They are cheap and with very good quality. I like them very much and maybe someday I will buy few more :-)

Rzęsy z Kkcenterhk są ŚWIETNE. Można u nich w sklepie znaleźć praktycznie każdy rodzaj rzęs, także ekstremalnie wyraziste i szalone. Są tanie i bardzo dobrej jakości. Bardzo mi podpasowały i może kiedyś sobie jakieś zamówię :-)

Thank you, SpookyNails
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KK Center HK Lash Review By sexycandieeyes

KK Center HK Lash Review

Purchase lashes here:

This website sells all brands of lashes including Red Cherry, Ardell, and Elise. They also sell the famous 88, 120, 168, and other palettes. Wigs are sold on this site as well. Feel free to browse the website at your discretion :)

Lashes shown:
COSMOS 105 ($21.06 for a pack of 5 pairs)
COSMOS 120 ($21.06 for a pack of 5 pairs)

Giveaway rules:
1) Must be a subscriber to me on YouTube.
2) Leave a comment saying what your favorite lashes are and that's all you need to put. If you don't have a favorite, just make something up.
3) If "enter me" is anywhere in your comment, you get automatically disqualified.
4) Open internationally, as long as there isn't any issue with customs.
5) Giveaway will end on Friday, April 29th 2011 11:59 CST.
6) Winner will be announced within 1-2 weeks after giveaway is over.
7) You may only enter once.

*Tutorial will be posted soon for this look, do NOT ask or you will be ignored, as usual.

I was sent these 2 sets of lashes for review consideration. I was not paid in any way. All opinions are mine and unbiased as they always will be.

All makeup related requests can be forwarded here:

PR requests and review inquiries can be forwarded here:

Thank you, sexycandieeyes
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My Everyday Makeup By I Am Style-ish

I'm not a makeup expert as I leave that to many of the talented bloggers or youtubers out there but I do get asked a lot of questions about my makeup and I think that a lot of you are like me where we like to wear makeup, we just don't want to look like we have a ton of it on.  While I completely love the look of the dark smokey eye or the brightly colored lids, my little eyes just can't pull it off like people with big eyes/big lids/big creases.  I've just come up with a way that works with my face and eye shape and most importantly my style.  I often think of makeup as just another accessory, it should match your style and just add to your complete look.

The foundation to my everyday makeup routine: 1.YSL Touche Eclat 2. Tarte Dark Circle Defense 3. Tarte Smooth Operator Foundation  4. MAKE UP FOR EVER Duo Mat Powder Foundation 5. Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion (I depotted it)

 um yes, I realize my brows look wonky here but I swear it was the angle of the photo and since I was using a 35mm lens which can have a bit of a fishbowl effect on faces.  In person they were straight! :)

Here's what I used to create this look which is a pretty standard look for me, I just change the colors of shadows and eyeliners each day.  I just realized I forgot to put my eyeliner in this picture.  I used the Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in Zero (black). 1. Meilasu Cream Shadow (gifted from kkcenterhk.com) 2. Tarte Cheek Stain Flush 3. Eye shadow set (gifted from kkcenterhk.com) 4. NARS Lipgloss 5. NYX Black Label Lipstick in Dusty Rose

Quick tutorial on the eye makeup:
  • Dab on a small amount of shadow primer all over the lid
  • Using the cream shadow as a base, lightly pat it all over the lid.  The primer and the cream shadow ensures that the shadow stays on all day.
  • With the shadow palette above, I started with the medium brown shade and a medium sized eyeshadow brush and brushed it all over my lid, extending above my natural crease but following the shape of my eye
    • the easiest way to do this is to apply the shadow all over but as you are going over your crease, open your eyes and look straight into the mirror and brush on the shadow just slightly above your lids.  This will ensure that when your eyes are open, you'll still be able to see a hint of the shadow but it won't look like you are wearing a crazy amount of eye makeup.  This is super essential for girls with small lids like me where most of the eye shadow gets lost when you open your eyes.  For girls with bigger eyes/bigger creases, this step is not as important since you'll be able to see the color when your eyes are open.
  • With a slightly smaller brush, brush the lightest golden shade on the inner corners of your eyes, in a span from the corner to the middle of your lid.
  • Using a fluffy brush, blend the two colors together in the center of the lid.
  • Using a small shadow brush, dip it into the darkest brown color and start at the outer corner of your eyes sweeping inward and extending into the golden color that you just applied.  Don't sweep too much into the middle of the eye, just enough to be able to blend the colors so that it's not a harsh line of where one color starts and one color stops.
  • Line your bottom and top lash lines.  Using the same brush you just used on your outer corners, dip it into the darkest brown shade and slightly tap it into your bottom lash line for more of a dramatic look.  The powder also helps keep the liner from smudging.
I should also mention that I do my eye makeup first even before I put on concealer.  This is so if anything smudges or the eyeshadow flakes off onto my cheeks, clean up is so much easier to do than trying to wipe things off once your foundation/powder is already set.
And for those of you who don't know, my long lushes lashes are actually lash extensions!  I LOVE them.  I've had them on for awhile now, see my review post about them here.  I get them refilled every 3-4 weeks and they look fantastic all the time.  I never have to worry about false lashes,  lash glue, mascara or raccoon eyes ever!  For local readers, I go to Lady Lam who is my favorite, she's awesome so go check her out if you are thinking about getting them.

My lip color is always dependent on how I do my eyes. If I do them a bit more dramatic then I go for a toned down pink or nude color but if my eyes are more neutral than I have fun with my hot pink or red lipsticks.  Makeup is a lot of fun but I admit, it's taken me awhile to get the hang of it and figure out what works with my face.  Back in high school I would read fashion magazines and follow along with their tutorials (can you believe we didn't have youtube back then?  OMG I'm old! haha)  but the results were always a disaster.  If you're really interested in learning how to do the best makeup for yourself, watch/read as many tutorials as you can but the best thing to do is to not to follow along to exactly what they are doing but to pick up on tips that would work for you and then incorporate those together.

Thank you, I Am Style-ish
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Lookbook: Streak By I Am Style-ish

I've never highlighted or dyed my hair and never really felt the need too, but I had this random thought that I wanted to try out a streak of pink or blue hair, kind of like Katy Perry here but more toned down. 

When kkcenterhk.com reached out to me to see if I wanted to try out any of their products, from cosmetics, to hair extensions, to wigs, I immediately went towards the pink hair extensions thinking I could do something fun with them!  I tried them out and I love the subtleness of the pink streaks when I have them tucked underneath the top layer of my hair.  It's like you just see a hint of pink when my hair moves.  I really liked that I could curl them just the same with my curling iron or my flat iron so the curls matched my hair curls.  It's definitely not something I'd do every day but it's fun to play with every now and then!

What I'm Wearing
Cardigan: Spring and Clifton
Top: C&C California
Jeans: Madewell
Shoes: Christian Louboutin - Bianca
Pink hair extensions: gift from kkcenterhk.com

 Spring & Clifton Sweet Valley Slouch Cardi

This one from Forever 21 is super similar and it's on sale for $8.99!  And also, love the sequins on this slouchy cardi.

C&C California Women's V-Neck Top

Madewell Legging Jeans
Only size 24 left of the legging jeans.   You should also check out the High Riser Jeans or the Skinny Skinny Jeans.  The Skinny Skinny jeans aren't as tight/stretchy as the legging jeans so if you don't want totally huggy jeans, those are great for that.

Louboutin Bianca Cork Pump
I'm usually not a fan of cork shoes but am oddly attracted to these.  They look great in the nude color too. If you are looking for gray pumps like mine, these grey pumps are cute and very similar the the YSL tributes.  Or maybe these Dolce Vita heels, a little bit more edgy wedge/heel combo.

They have "normal" hair colors as well but I like the funky colors better :)  Mine are the pink ones.  Also, for my long hair I should have chose a longer length but the 11" length works great on my now shoulder length hair.   And really for $3.30 for one, it's totally worth it to play around with!  Also, if you are thinking about ordering from there, I do have to mention that all the makeup they sent me is really great!  I had doubts on the quality as I'm not used to ordering makeup from an Asian website but I've found myself using a lot of it lately and the color payoff is really nice.   You can see the palette I used from them on my everyday makeup post.  The prices are so fantastic and the quality is great so I'll be ordering some more color palettes from them.

Thank you,  I Am Style-ish
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Princess Lashes–My New Lash Love By BlovetBeauty

Why it took me so long to find these amazing lashes is beyond me. I was watching a video recently and I remembered this line:
“ the best type of lashes are those that make the eyes look amazing even without any makeup on”
kkcenterhk Sponsored these lashes and I want to get more!! Why? It’s super easy to apply, the look is natural and flatters my semi monolids well. You can easily wear these cult lashes out confidently knowing that your lashes aren't tarantula like but are so pretty while staying natural looking always.
Princess Lashes No.7 Cross
Excuse the one bent lash.. hahaha and ignore the whitish wet glue tint! I waited but I guess it wasn’t long enough. The lashes look real right?
Princess Lashes No.8 Black
No 8 is slightly longer and I kinda like these for a more droopy doll eye effect. No 7 seems to be better for Korean looks as it is shorter and more dense.
After trying these princess lashes, I think they are super essential for anyone who want natural yet luscious looking lashes. I feel very comfortable wearing these in public unlike some of my other more dramatic lashes and like how it opens up my eyes.
As you all know, Japan the land of inspirational beauty and culture, has been hit by the one the worse earthquakes and a resulting tsunami. Watching the cars and homes being carelessly tossed around and submerged in water was extremely disturbing and saddening for me. God only knows what the people are facing right now and I pray for a speedy and much needed recovery for the sufferers of the earthquake.
Love, BlovetBeauty

Thank you, BlovetBeauty
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2011年3月28日 星期一

Make Up Rose Pink, Jaune et Orange pour l'été !!! By Moricettte

Make Up Rose Pink, Jaune et Orange pour l'été !!!
Heyllow mes beautés!!
Je reviens aujourd'hui pour vous présenter un nouveau MU, très frais, très acidulé, très estival, tres flash aussi!!!
Un ptit MU passe partout ma foi, parce que je voulais célébrer le soleil qui revient et l'été qui arrive à grands pas :)
Voici la liste des produits utilisés pour ce make up Fleur des Champs :

* Rouge à levre 175 Gemey Maybelline
* Roses de la palette Pink Drama Gemey Maybelline

* Pink Spankler Inaz Cosmetics
* Canary Inaz Cosmetics
* Pumpkin King Inaz Cosmetics

* Liner Creme Coffee ELF :

*  Faux Cils Peggy Sage sur la photo et kkcenterhk M89 dans la vidéo
*  Vernis Jaune Easy Make Up avec du pigment Canary Inaz par dessus
Plus Vernis Rose Fluo sans marque, qui est super beau mouillé, mais devient fluo barbie bof une fois sec...
C'est un look assez chargé malgré la fraicheur des couleurs, mais il est trop joli pour porter en soirée par ex, et si vous remplacez les faux cils par du mascara normal, que vous remontez le rose moins haut et que vous vous faites une bouche rose plus tendre, ce MU sera juste trop trop beau pour porter sous le soleil, pour aller faire du shopping ou meme vos courses :)
J'ai choisi d'agrémenter ce look joyeux à un chignon pétard sans brush, donc avec meches folles ondulées naturelles, et puis j'ai rajouté la rose orange pétard pour le coté bucolique, et parce que ce orange va juste trop bien avec mon maquillage :)
J'espère que ce look vous plait, je vous fait à tous et toutes plein de Bizooos!!!
Je suis désolée des couleurs qui ne ressortent pas sur la vidéo, je l'avais filmée cette aprem, mais ça n'allait pas, et donc j'ai refilmé ce soir et WMM n'aime pas quand je filme le soir et mange toutes les couleurs....

Im a Barbie Girl in a Barbie World (make up tutorial only) !! By Moricettte

Im a Barbie Girl in a Barbie World (make up tutorial only) !!

Hey les filles!!!

J'espère que ce look rigolo vous plaira, voilà le lien pour les produits utilisés : http://moricettte.over-blog.com/article-barbie-girl-avec-la-palette-haiti-pin...

Voilà le lien du site kkcenterhk pour les faux cils : http://www.kkcenterhk.com/
Et du site easy make up pour la palette : http://easymakeup.fr/

Gros bizoooos à vous!!!

Thank you,  Moricettte
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Barbie Girl avec la palette Haiti Pink Easy Make Up !!! By Moricettte

Bonsoir tout le monde!!!!
J'espere que vous allez bien :)  Je voudrais vous présenter un ptit MU rigolo que j'ai fait cet aprem : le Barbie Look ;)
Il y aura donc du rose, du mauve, du violet, de l'orangé.. et je me suis bronzée pour l'occasion :P
Voilà ce que ça donne :)
Voici la liste des produits dont j'ai eu besoin :
Tous les fards de la palette Haiti Pink du site Easy Make Up

Faux cils kkcenterhk : M02-03

Fond de teint : correcteur orange plus terre de soleil XD
J'aimerais par la meme occasion vous parler de cette palette qui est mais magnifique!!! Les couleurs sont super belles, super brillantes, elle couvrent bien, bref, j'adore!!! c'est un indispensable pour le printemps et l'été je pense :)  et, point non negligeable, toutes les couleurs sont différentes les unes des autres et sont portables :)
Je vous invite à aller visiter le site, ils ont énormément d'autres produits super sympas!! et les prix sont top records :)  (2e99 la palette 12 fards!!) http://easymakeup.fr/ombres-a-paupieres/19758-ombre-a-paupiere-haiti.html
J'espère que ce look vous plait!! moi je l'adore d'amour, je vous fais plein de bizooos, 
à bientot!!!

Dagens ögonmake-up By Johanna

Såhär ser sminket ut idag. Svart sotning med guldglitter och strass. Egentligen så är det väl mer en festmake-up för många men jag gillar att vara annorlunda och sticka ut lite :)
Dessa produkter har jag använt:
48 Color Summerly Palette Professional Eye Shadow Make up från KKcenterhk
Black eyepencil från KKcenterhk
Bown eyepencil från KKcenterhk
Gold Pigment Powder Multi-Use Eye shadow Face Skin från KKcenterhk
AK Brand Eyelashes HandMade AK-612 (Five Pair In Box) från KKcenterhk
Strass stenar från panduro hobby

Another eye look By MakeupMyLack

Här har jag klippt dessa fransar mitt itu och på så sätt fått halvfransar.

The lashes are these from kkcenterhk, that I cut in half

 Thank you, MakeupMyLack
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eotd/fotd 13 mars By MakeupMyLack

Förlåt att jag har varit lite off på sistone. Men så är det.
Idag har jag faktiskt sminkat mig, whiho:P

Läppstiftet är från Peggy Sage och heter Moscou. Finns att köpa här!

fransarna finns här, och jag älskar dem!

Thank you, MakeupMyLack
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Vibrant Lashes from KKCenterHk By Tina Marie Online

These vibrant lashes from KKCenterHk.com are not your basic everyday lashes. These are perfect if you plan on attending a theme party like a masquerade, Mardi Gras or a halloween party! These also would have been perfect for the New Year. Nonetheless, these lashes are super vibrant and festive and would look amazing if you were going out with really dramatic makeup. These are perfect for someone with a more creative side who would use these lashes to create something completely out of the ordinary.
Style: M106-B
Cost: $2.50 USD

Style: M112-B
 Cost: $2.50 USD

Thank you, Tina Marie Online
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