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ES A533 Falsies * better than dollywink lashes >< ? * by blovet

*Sponsored Review*
Hey Beauties,
Yes, I’m back & this time with really beautiful falsies. All thanks to the lightning fast kkcenterhk  who has recently stocked these amazing lashes ES A533 that look as good as my Dollywink eyelashes. Just look at the doll like effect they give my eyes and trust me, you can definitely wear these alone with a slight cat eye wing or nothing at all. I think I’ve found my HG falsies.
Now I’m afraid that everyone will end up getting them and then these bad boys will be out of stock before I know it! When I saw these on their website, I immediately knew I had to select these for review because they looked perfect for gyaru or that innocent wide eye effect.
Equipment: – Actually, I’ve discovered a pretty effective way to mold the lash band for easier application but I’ll do a separate post on it. I trimmed the lashes and selected Etude House clear glue. I’m using my trusty Body Shop Tweezers for application because of the thin clear lash band.
ES A533 rocks because the lashes are light weight and look natural while adding length and flair at the corners. You can dress these lashes up or down really easily. Also because the front section is more natural looking and the back section more dense, you can easily choose where to trim depending on how dramatic you want your eyes to be ( snip more from the front if you want more drama or cut the back if you want more natural looking eyes).
I would recommend black eye lash glue if you need to put it on in a hurry and use minimal eye makeup. You can also tightline your eyes for a more defined and natural look. I find a lot of girls who wear falsies either put on way too much eye makeup or wear too little ( making the lashes stand out in a bad way).

I re used these lashes without any problem and truth be told, I wore them for a few hours and they felt so comfortable and light. I got quite a few more falsies review coming up so remember to check back. I’m also going to do an update falsies application post for those of you who want to learn how to best wear your lashes.
Have a great weekend everyone!
Love, BlovetBeauty

Thank you, blovet

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ES A613 Glamour Big Eyes Lashes by blovet

*Sponsored Review*
What’s with the recent slew of eyelashes reviews you might think. Well, I’ve got more falsies review coming up but I’ve been really impressed with the new lashes that kkcenterhk has stocked up on lately. They look like the expensive Japanese dolly eyelashes and the quality is always reliable as I’ve reviewed their products before.
Just by looking at the eyelash above, you would not be able to tell I’ve worn and washed it twice already *with no special handling *  and it has not lost it’s shape, the lash band is still firm but bendable and the lashes have not lost their curl. I can wear these lashes for hours on ends and I do not have a problem with them irritating my eyes.
ES A613 glamour big eyes type lashes really enlarge the eye and make them look so dreamy and doll like. I think my eyes would look even more dolly with some bottom lashes but I’ll save that for my other lashes review.
Not saying good things because these were sent free. I swear by the dolly effect and the durability of these lashes. Go try it!
Just love these lashes!
Love, BlovetBeauty

Thank you, blovet

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Elongated cat eyes ~ ES A601 by blovet

Hi Beauties,
I’m pretty in love with almost all the lashes I received from kkcenterhk. Yes, I still think Dollywink lashes are amazing * though I’m not that fond of the newer more natural looking lashes that were released recently* I do think kkcenterhk has pretty good dupes and the quality is excellent and price point is affordable.
ESA601 is resembles ES A613 and I thought I would get the same look from it but the subtle difference makes for a different eye effect. The most obvious difference being that A601 gives a more natural flared look and is suitable for an everyday look. A613 gives a more dolly eyed effect and definitely makes eyes stand out more.
Application for ES lashes is a breeze. I like to bend the lash band at 3-4 equal points, to get the lashes to look like the picture below. It’s similar to the concept of applying separate lashes but instead we save ourselves the hassle of cutting and applying the different parts one at a time. Simple bend the lash band and apply it straight on and you’ll save so much time. Use my technique for a super easy falsie application!
** Note: Go easy on the bending on the lash band for a more natural, less separated lash look.
Have fun experimenting with different eye looks. I think selecting the correct set of lashes is so important. I sometimes catch girls with a face load of foundation and a pair of jet black spidery lashes that make me wana beg them to take it off to switch for a more flattering set. I see so many girls make a mess of their falsies, I just think sometimes, if you are a beginner, go with natural looking lashes like these or even shorter ones because you can get away with a lot more mistakes. Also, lashes look best with some eye makeup so don’t go all nude with the eyes and face and slap on some over the top lashes. It’ll throw your face off balance.
I’ve noticed a lot of Singaporean girls wearing their lashes in a few ways – really well, really horribly and really scarily!
Love, BlovetBeauty

Thank you, blovet

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Spoilt for choice ~ ES A666 ~ by blovet

Hi Beauties,
I don’t really know what it is about circle lens and falsies. They seem to go hand in hand just like chocolate and bread, waffle and ice cream. But I also believe that falsies worn right can enhance or changes any eye shape. Well, kkcenterhk sent me ES A666 which contained 10 different sets of lashes. I tried out the third and fourth lash set from the left and I loved it. Comfortable, easy to apply, durable and gorgeous looking.
I trimmed the third pair of lashes from the left into half and applied them on the outer half of my lash line. What I loved about it was how natural it looked on while enhancing my eye shape.

For the next look I tried, I used these 2 pair of lashes from the box:
Hope you guys enjoyed this this post. U must be sick of my face by now! hahaha
Let’s enjoy the weekend!

Thank you, blovet

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KKCenterHk Nail Decal Strips In ANE-5012 by goingtotheshowing

I have another review for you from KKCenterHk today. I recently posted my first review about a different nail decal strip which you can find here.

KKCenterHk is a online based shop that provide many wonderful different cosmetic products which vary from false eyelashes, wigs and makeup products. And this is another product that they kindly sent to me.

"Brand New With Original Retail Packing Box
100% Authentic
Approx.Length : 3cm/ 30mm/ 1.1"
Water Transfer Sticker
Easy To Apply, Zero Dry Time!!
Kit Includes: 12 Nail Tip Sheets And 1 Smoothing Tool
Water Decals are Not Sticky!!"

Very basic and easy to follow instructions.

Tools needed.

I am glad to say that this time around, I have learned to apply these properly. Again, the steps were very easy to follow. After my first initial review and application, here are a few things I did differently from the first time. After taking out the strip from the water, I shook off all the excess water so that it wouldn't slide all over my nail and stay put. After applying the strip, I waited for it to dry so once I filed off the excess strip, it wouldn't slide off and give me rigid edges. With those minor changes, the application was perfection.

I do apologize for the nicked part on the ring finger. As I applied my topcoat, it pooled into my cuticles. When I tried to clean it, a small part of the nail strip got caught. However, applying a top coat truly helps the longevity of the nail strip. These strips lasted roughly a little over a week. The only minor wear is on the tips of my nails which I would say it has lasted a long time. They were also very easy to remove, as I used regular nail polish remover. One thing new that I learned is that during the application of the topcoat, if you take your time, the top coat will smooth out any lines formed from the strip (if you have a curved nail bed). Also, if you notice any curling of the nail strip, all you have to do it apply some top coat over it and it will smooth out onto your nail. 

The only other problem I had were that some of the strips were a bit small as you can see in the last photo, the strip did not cover my entire nail bed. I also, feel like this particular strip would look better on longer nails since you couldn't see the entire design on my short nails. However, again I did really enjoy this and do recommend using these.

Overall, I am very pleased with these strips. They last for a long time and would be great if you were going on vacation (or for a long time) and don't want to worry about your nails since the life of these are quite good.

KKCenterHk has a huge variety of strips which is great, except leaves you wanting so many! The instructions listed on the back of the packaging were simple to understand and very easy to apply especially now that I have learned the most efficient way of applying these.

You can purchase these strips here for $8.00 USD along with many other cool nail strips.  

You can also use the coupon code "totheshowing10" for a 10% discount off your purchase. The coupon code is god through January 31, 2013.


*This product was provided for  for my honest, unbiased review. Please see PR Disclosure for any questions.*

Thank you, goingtotheshowing

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Stamping!!! by mynailpolishdiary

I hadn't planned to do any reviews on my blog. Only pictures of my NOTD. But recently KKCenterHK contacted me and asked if I'd be willing to review some of their products. I decided to give it a try. They offered me several options. I chose stamping. I really love stamping. My first choice was SPPMB54 and SPPMB39. The included a stamp and scraper as well!
The plates and stamping tools come in a zip lock type bag:

nice stamper and scraper
The plates are covered with plastic like you'd expect. You'll want to peel that off before you stamp. Be careful, the edges are sharp!

Scrape it a little at the edge with your cuticle pusher or something that will cut the plastic, then just pull it off.
My first mani I'd like to show you is Color Club Wing Fling with and accent nail of Color Club Sparkle and Soar on my ring finger. I stamped my ring finger and thumb with B54 and Konad Stamping Polish White.

I filled the center of the flower with Color Club Sparkle and Soar and  Daisy Does It.

On my ring finger I filled the center of the flower with Color Club Wing Fling and Daisy Does It
I found the plate to be just the right depth for the polish to fill in and the stamper worked pretty good too! I used the scraper for this review and found it to work fine. To be honest though I will use my expired credit card in the future just because I like that method best. The scraper did not scratch the plate at all. But I'm always afraid they will, so I just don't use them.

The second mani I'm going to show you is China Glaze Poinsettia. I stamped on my ring finger for accent with B54 using the leopard pring. I was really excited for this one. I've been wanting to do a leopard stamp for a while, and it's the reason I chose B54

Close up of the stamp before top coat

I filled in some of the leopard spots with China Glaze 2030 to spice it up a little.

This stamp was just as easily stamped as the flowers from B39 and stamped beautifully. Since my nails are longer I did have to stamp twice to cover the nail. It was easy though since the leopard print is kind of random. I didn't feel like it was noticeable at all.

All in all I think KKCenterHK is a great place to shop online for your nail polish needs (and more!).
Their prices are reasonable and they shipped quickly. I didn't have to wait for very long at all. Check them out :)

Stamping plates and tools were supplied for review.

Thank you, mynailpolishdiary

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Nail Art: Notes + Band by nailsbyalice

Ciao ragazze!!
Come state? Io ho mal di testa persistente da un paio d’ore (purtroppo capita spesso) quindi ho deciso di rilassarmi cambiando manicure ed ecco il risultato …
How are you? I’m fighting against a bad headache (it’s usual to me :( ) so I decided to relax and change my manicure: here is the result

IMG_2344 copia

A mio avviso è una nail art carina e rapida da realizzare:prendete una spugnetta, smalto bianco, image plate m40* di KKCenterHK e smalto per stamping :)
I think it is nice and very time-saving because you will only need a sponge, a white polish, image plate m40 from KKCenterHC* and special polish for stamping :)

IMG_2312 copia

Che musica vi piace? Io ascolto metal, soprattutto power e trash... So che qualcuna di voi è appassionata a questo genere quindi vi lascio il link all pagina myspace e facebook di un gruppo alternative metal mooolto promettente. Ascoltate qualche canzone degli Unspoken e poi fatemi sapere...e provate ad indovinare quale tra i componenti della band è il mio ragazzo xD
What is your favourite kind of music? I love listening metal, expecially power and trash... I know that some of you listen to it so go to Unspoken facebook and myspace, listen some of their songs and let me know what you think about them and... try to guess which band member is my boyfriend! xD 

*Product reviced for review

Thank you, nailsbyalice

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Chanel Logo! by nailpolishintheair

Salve ragazze!
Un po di tempo fa KKCenterhHK, mi ha dato la possibilità di scegliere due, tra i loro tanti prodotti da poter provare. Cosi tra i due ho scelto questi magnifici loghi Chanel/Dior, che avevo avvistato già da un pò! :D
Finalmente ho avuto la l'occasione di provarli..

Come base ho applicato lo smalto di Essence della collezione Vampire's Love, Gold Old Buffy (01). Adoro questo smalto, ma non ne avevo mai trovato uno simile!
Infatti per la notte di Capodanno di due anni fa, per ottenere un effetto simile, ho applicato un semplice smalto nero (2 passate) e sopra l'Oro Microglitterato di Kiko (281). 

L'effetto mi piaceva davvero tanto!

Come dupes di questo smalto, ho trovato Pupa Lasting Color n° 706 e Dior Or Tsarine, decisamente più costosi rispetto a questo di Essence, considerando che la boccettina contiene 10ml di prodotto per 1.99€!!

Devo dire però che nell'applicazione mi ha un pò delusa, secondo me per via del pennellino ridotto un pò male..si sa purtroppo che con la Essence non si è mai al sicuro su queste cose, in quanto molte persone non si fanno scrupoli ad aprire i prodotti o addirittura nel provarli!! Quindi state sempre attene a quando prendete un prodotto Essence, nel controllare che sia integro!!
Per quanto riguarda la decorazione di Chanel, non so perchè, ma ero convinta che fossero adesivi, ma nel momento dell'applicazione ho capito che erano water decals!! Quindi mi sono armata di una ciotolina con dell'acqua e ho eseguito l'applicazione. Di water decals ve ne ho parlato già precedentemente in un post (qui). Quelli però erano di VivaLa Nails. Devo dire che per quanto riguarda l'applicazione dei loghini non mi sono trovata benissimo; devono restare in ammollo per un tempo maggiore rispetto a quelli di Viva La Nails, e una volta staccati dal cartoncino, il logo rimaneva rigido, nel senso che non si "fondeva" con l'unghia, in fatti poi per farlo aderire ho dovuto mettere dello smalto trasparente.
A parte l'inconveniente però, devo dire che sono davvero d'effetto!  
A presto!

Thank you, nailpolishintheair

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