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KKCentrehk Nail Water Decals Review By thenailartandbeautydiaries

It has been sometime that I have been wanting to try out these Nail Water Decals and I am so happy I am finally sharing this with you. Few months back KKCentrehk contacted me checking if I would review their products. I decided flip through their website and I was so clueless after browsing their Nail Water Decals Section. I took a long time to select the water decals I wanted to review. Trust me when I say this “I was SPOILT for choice ” . They have like an ocean full of variety and genre of decals. Loads of designs and patterns to choose from. Don’t believe me ??? I bet you wont if you check this link . As per their site they have 2323 types of Decals…..Now that’s what I call SPOILT for choice :) :) . I was feeling so greedy seeing them all that I almost wanted to pick all of them.
Kkcenterhk Water Decal Review
Kkcenterhk Water Decal Review
The decal that I used is N.NAIL Strawberry Head Little Girl Nail Water Decals and is priced $5.75 . Yes I do agree, they are a bit over priced as compared to the market competitors. But the plethora of options you get and unparallel designs partially justify the price. They do have ‘Free International Shipping’  which is a must have at this price.
Kkcenterhk Water Decal Review
I used Maybelline Silk Stockings Nail Polish as the base color. I wanted a sober base to highlight the subltleness of these decals. But now I think I could have used brighter colors which would have brought out the beauty of these decals even more :( . But anyways, these aren’t bad either. They are cute, classy and chick.
Kkcenterhk Water Decal Review
I also added a little bow to alternate fingers to try out the look and add a little bit of brightness and girly bit to it. I am not sure if it was better off without it . You take the call. I am happy with both.
Kkcenterhk Water Decal Review
I found this design in particular very unique and sweet. The market is flooded with feathers and flower decals. This one is like a breath of fresh air :)
How to Use Nail Water Decal
  • Cut each decal out as close to the image as you can then
  • Paint your nail with any base color as usual and let polish dry completely.
  • Put the decal in some water for 15 sec. Using a Tweezer or your sharp nails separate the white backing paper
  • Place the decal on your nail and take some clear polish and paint over the nails.
  • Cut each decal out as close to the image as you can then, paint your nail a light color (white, clear, ect.) Let polish dry. Put the decal in some water for 15 sec. Then remove the white backing. Place the decal on your nail and take some clear polish and paint over the decal several coats.
  • Viola, you have the prettiest designs and patterns on your nails in seconds without the effort of painting :) :)
Kkcenterhk Water Decal Review
How did you find the nail art and the decals?? I loved them for everything but price. So I would rate them 4/5 ( -1 for being kinna pricy, at least to me) . However, the good news is you can avail 10% discount by using my coupon code. I hope this would ease up the purchase.

 Thank you, thenailartandbeautydiaries
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Review: kkcenterhk.com Silver Beard Studs - MOVEMBER Manicure By abyukina

Am intrat in luna noiembrie si cum puteam sa sarbatorim luna "Movember" mai bine decat cu o manichiura cu mustati.
We are in November already and we can celebrate the "Movember" month with a moustache manicure. 

In strainatate luna noiembrie este denumita Movember de la Mustata, aceasta fiind luna dedicata constientizarii cancerului testicular si de prostata. Se organizeaza campanii de donare, iar barbatii isi lasa mustati pentru a sustine cauza.
In many countries the month of November is called Movember because this month is dedicated to mustache in order to raise awareness of prostate cancer and other male type of cancer. For this cause the men are growing all month moustaches.

Am primit spre testare din partea kkcentehk.com aceste decoratiuni de unghii (tine), sub forma de mustati.
I've received for testing from kkcenterhk.com these nail studs, moustache shaped.

Denumirea oficiala pe siteul kkcenterhk.com este N.NAIL Studs Lovely Silver Beard 8mm X 3mm Nail Art Decorations [NNAIL-DRN739]. Puteti folosi codul NNAIL-DRN739 pentru a le gasi mai repede pe site.
Sunt incadrate la Nail art Decoration - Studs
Their official name is  N.NAIL Studs Lovely Silver Beard 8mm X 3mm Nail Art Decorations [NNAIL-DRN739]. You can use the short code NNAIL-DRN739 to find them quicker.They are in Nail Art Decoration category - Studs.
Dimensiunea acestora este de 8mm x 3mm si sunt argintii, iar fiecare pachet contine 5 bucati.Pe partea din spate prezinta striatii fine, iar fata este lucioasa.
They are 8mm x 3mm and they are silver, each pack having 5 pieces.On the back have fine lines and their front surface is shinny.

Daca ai unghii mai lungi vor fi mai greu de manuit cu degetele, dar poti folosi in schimb o penseta.
Sunt mai grele decat tintele clasice, din acest  motiv nu pot fi manuite cu punctatorul sau betisorul de cuticule.
If you have long nails it will be difficult to handle them with your fingers,but you can use a tweezer. They are heavier than normal studs so your doting tool or your cuticle wood stick won't help you to place them on your nail.  
Pentru a le stabiliza bine pe unghie eu am folosit lipici pentru unghii false,dar sunt sigura ca se pot atasa si utilazand un top coat, intr-un strat mai gros.
Atasata cu lipici a rezistat foarte bine, singurul incovenient fiind colturile mustatii care se agatau de cele mai multe ori de bluze sau esarfe.
I've used nail glue to attach them on my nails, but I'm sure they can be fixed with top coat to, maybe in 2 coats.From time to time the moustache got stocked on my blouses or scarf, but nothing to bad.
poza sub lampa / artificial light
 lumina naturala / natural light
Cu toate acestea mi se par haioase si pot inveseli o manichiura, mai ales daca urmeaza sa participi la un eveniment intre prieteni si nu foarte rafinat :-)
Am aplicat mustata peste oja essence 165 here's my number cu efect sparkle sand.
I find them funny and they can make a manicure happier.
I've applied the studs over an essence nail polish, no. 165 here's my number, a sparkle sand effect one.  
lumina naturala / natural light

Oja essence face parte din noua colectie si este una de tip sand.
In toate pozele e aplicata in doua straturi,iar poza de mai jos este facuta imediat dupa aplicare. Atunci aspectul ojei este unul lucios, dar pe masura ce se usuca capata aspectul specific ojelor sand.
Indepartarea de pe unghie se face destul de usor pentru o oja sand.
The esence nail polish is part of their new collection and is a sand type one.
In all the picture is applied in two coats, and the below picture is taken right after I've applied the second coat. It looks shinny but as it dries it will get the sand effect.
The removal is easy for a sand style nail polish.
Puteti comanda tintele mustati pe site-ul kkcenterhk.com, unde varietatea este foarte mare, site-ul oferind multe alte accesorii (water decals, glitters,sequins etc) si produse,de la farduri pana la peruci.
Puteti obtine o reducere de 10% la orice comanda daca folositi codul ABY.
You can order the moustache studs on kkcenterhk.com web site, site that has different nail accessories (water decals,glitter,sequins etc.) but also make up or even wigs.
If you place an order you can have 10% off using the code ABY.

Va atrag astfel de accesorii pentru unghii?
Do you like using studs for you nails? 

See u Soon!

Thank you, abyukina
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*KKcenterHK nail water decales By dennamichelle

Angry Birds Nail art

Today I got something that I have been wanting to show you gals for sometime now. I have been rocking it on my nails but I have not gotten the chance to write this article. So today I got an article about the water water decals that KKcenterHK send me to try out. Read more to see what I think about this way to decorate your nails. 

Excuse the yellow on my nails...Somehow I had a polish that could not vanish.

So as you can see I picked two birds to put on my nails, the red one and the yellow one. Those two have to be my favorite out of the bunch but I got a whole lot of birds to put on my nails and I am sure I will try something more daring with these soon enough. But for the moment I put them on a green-blue polish.
This is the set I received and I think it is fair priced for $5.75 because it has a lot of details and it is small. I could never brush this design on my nails so the decals are a good alternative. here you can see all patterns. I love the floral ones, they seem perfect for a party or prom.

As I said this was my first try with decals and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised with how easy these applied. I do have to admit that my first try failed. I just cut out one bird and tossed it in the water making it stick on the plastic on-top. You need to start with removing the little plastic and then leaving it in water for a 30 seconds, then the image slides right off and you can place it on your nails and topcoat it. 

I walked around with this for over a week now and the image is still firm on my nails. My nails currently have tipwear and they need a new color but the birds are still firmly where I put them.

So I am really happy with these decals I would advice them to people who want a little extra on there nails. 

Thank you, dennamichelle
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*KKcenterHK By dennamichelle

Stamping plate Skull Check Leopard Giraffe Zebra Flower 

A few days ago I got a new stamping plate from KKcenterHK and I was so eager to try it out I ripped open the package and went to work. The stamping plate features a checkered pattern but also leopard, giraffe, zebra and small flowers. I am really excited to show you the results. So please read more.

The plate

As you can see, I first used the plate and then took pictures. I was to excited to use this one so I could not wait. You can get the plate here and it is only $4.55 with free shipping. They have even more plates that you can check here. The plate came in an separate little blue bag and had a blue foil over the plate to keep it from getting scratches. I picked this one because it has a lot of nice patterns. I could see these being used in a lot of ways with a lot of different colors. For this review I used the Essence sandstyle polish called Hey Nude and Catrice Vino Tinto. Also you will need a stamper and scraper if do not already own those this set I would advice.

Zebra and checkers

I decided to try out the zebra and the checkered pattern. The other patterns will appear in the future in a nail of the day. If you really want to see a pattern do leave me a message with what pattern and in what colors you want to see it. As I said I tried out two patterns.  I first started with the checkers, it is a small pattern with a lot of boxes. I really debated if it would transfer right or would just end up like a blob. As you can see in the pictures it transferred brilliantly. A problem with some stamping plates is that the pattern is put in to shallow and you scrape away all the polish but this one is just perfect. Also a small note, the plate is enough to cover the width of your nails and will be usable for longer nails. 

I also tried the zebra, what is slowly becoming a favorite of mine. It looks really nice in a lot of colors. It is a very stylized pattern that really catches attention. It sort of reminds me of candy canes for Christmas. It is also like the checkers a really detailed pattern and stands out. I already received a lot of complements on this one. I also use that image as starter image for this article. I really adore the effect it gives.

What do you think about this plate and would you use it? You can get the plate here

Thank you, dennamichelle
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Galactic Moustaches By legallynailed

Today I've got another review for KKCenterHK! I love stamping plates so I decided to try this cutemoustache/lips one!! KKCenterHK also provided me with their scraper and stamper set to try.

I wanted to try re-create a kinda hipster-ish mani, like so....

Source: favim.com

So I started off with a pastel galaxy mani! I used Sinful Colors Cinderella as my base colour (i.e. blue), then I sponged on Essence Naughty and Pink, Essence A Lovely Secret and finally, Essence Wanna Be Your Sunshine to create nebulas. Basically you just wanna create sponged lines going across or in circles or whatever really. Finally, I picked up OPI Alpine Snow and used my dotting tool to create random stars. And then, I topped it all off with a coat of China Glaze Fairy Dust to give that added sparkle.

Pictured here is my right-hand after I kinda destroyed the mani on my left-hand... TADAH

Not THAT bad right?? Anyway, I kinda struggled using this stamper plate + scraper/stamp combination. Typically, I use my Konad stamp which is double-sided. It comes with a normal stamp (like the KKCenter one) and a smaller stamp on the other end. Because my nails are sooooooo morbidly child-like, I have to use the small one for accuracy purposes. The KKCenter stamp was wayyy to big for my nails so when I tried to stamp on the image, it was totally off center because it is difficult to gauge when the stamp is way bigger than your nail. But that's my own weird problem. If you have normal-sized nails, this should work fine for you! I prefer the plastic scraper over my metal Konad one in fact, cos it scrapes off the excess polish a lot more easily.

Moving on to the actual stamping plate, it wasn't cut deep enough so it was a bit difficult to get the whole image transferred onto my stamp/nail. It took a few tries to get a marginally complete image. Actually, I find this to be a problem for a lot of brands of stamping plates. So far, the only plates that do not have this problem are my Konad plates (I have 3 of them)! I once bought a stamping plate from Qoo10 for dirt cheap but the quality was horrendous. I think the quality of the KKCenter plate is slightly poorer than the DRK one I have. Could probably get better results with a bit more practice!

Because I botched up the images, I took my black striper to touch up and also add some random moustaches here and there.

Anyway, remember to use the code "LNAILED" to get a 10% discount off KKCenterHK!

Thank you, legallynailed
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